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But its recovery is near completion and the enlightened and adventurous regeneration is attracting record numbers of visitors.
For the adventurous, take a stroll along the garden path and embrace the psithurism of the trees in the breeze.
On the other hand, that would still leave nearly two hours of vital, adventurous music.
They were both twenty, full of energy at times and seeking some adventurous diversion.
These are supposed to be the most adventurous years of your life, packed with experiences.
These are excellent accessories that could add up to your Jeep's sporty and adventurous qualities.
She continued, wringing her hands in excitement to finish her adventurous story.
Its zig-zag course and the steep cliffs on either side make a two-hour raft trip down the river an adventurous experience.
Experience the world of adventurous outdoor sports and travel with National Geographic Adventure.
You are passionate and adventurous, however, you do not go around advertising these qualities.
They are strict on discipline, keen on manners and don't tend to remain adventurous for long.
So I got all adventurous, opened the kitchen door wide, and took a good, deep lungful of fresh air.
She's an adventurous lass who uses her feminine wiles quite effectively on unsuspecting men.
It was a clean-cut, agreeable dish albeit a touch bland for more adventurous palates.
Alex had always been an adventurous lad, and as they had grown older, he recurrently mentioned his desire to travel to India.
For the more adventurous kloofing is possible on some of the guided trails.
Their adventurous and inquisitive nature explains their fascination with the ancient beauty and splendor of Egypt.
But while the more adventurous opt for tortilla wraps and spicy fillings, just as many will plump for a basic cheese roll.
Her great grandfather lived quite an adventurous life and was ship wrecked off the coast of Iceland.
Your adventurous spirit yearns for a different exercise to take you out of the doldrums of yet another boring workout.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He was Pepsy's steady comrade and the partner of all her adventurous escapades.
Some of you dry-dock conservative ducks would have let it go by, but papa is nothing if not adventurous.
It was intensely monotonous and the adventurous spells were only occasional, like the time we ran the easting down the Horn.
It just caught the outspread furry tail, which was serving as a rudder and balancer to that adventurous flight.
It sank, excused for the flaccidity by Nataly's want of common adventurous daring.
Why then he is ruffe low, a ruffian, a bold adventurous errand to do any rough service for his Lady.
No adventurous step had ever since the day they were created pierced beyond them.
The adventurous, dare-devil spirit of the roamer, the incarnate gipsy, always looked out of his insolent eyes.
The human race is gregarious and sequacious, rather than individual and adventurous.
Certainly, in his long and adventurous career Bismarck was often close to death.
Besides, the journey is nowadays much more usual, and therefore much less adventurous, than when those revered writers first described it.
Once in the course of a half century, to be sure, some adventurous rover would break in upon their peaceful repose.
When we three males were left alone after dinner, he got into a more adventurous state.
For its part, Islamabad is of the view that the time has come to put an end to adventurous Bonapartism.
There are easy walks from the town onto Catbells and Latrigg while the more adventurous could tackle Blencathra, currently for sale, or Skiddaw.
He sucks in everything that is weird or adventurous or wild.
He was an adventurous chevalier of business who gave up an agent's contract in return for a right to become a roving propagandist.
As Jupiter did when the adventurous Ixion intruded into Olympus, perhaps.
These Conventionalists are introverted, the least adventurous and describe themselves as homebodies.
No, I have not been so adventurous as to wander towards margate.
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