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It may look big and it may seem clever, achingly trendily so, but, in essence, it is tantamount to abdicating responsibility.
There are then, several sophistries involved in abdicating our positions to cultural corruption.
The Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII, is famous for abdicating the throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.
The federal government should help states do their job, not assist them in abdicating their duty.
He cannot envisage himself abdicating his moral responsibility in the matter.
What is startling about this statement is the degree to which this mayor is simply abdicating responsibility for governing the city.
Once again the government is abdicating its responsibility and laying the blame elsewhere.
Our failure to address this issue equates to abdicating our fundamental responsibility to the next generation of West Indian youth.
In many cases, it has become a code word for abdicating the responsibilities of political leadership.
It is Council responsibility to do recycling and we're abdicating our responsibility.
So do you think the networks are abdicating their responsibility to cover the substance of the campaigns?
By abdicating its political responsibility the central cabinet seeks the Supreme Court's intervention to resolve the dispute.
But the bottom line as far as she is concerned is that builders and developers have been abdicating any responsibility in this area.
The problems arose because people were abdicating responsibility and were not getting the right person to do the job.
Now, on the constitutional point you raised there, Larry, on the queen abdicating, well, it's a frequent topic of conversation.
Otherwise, she is abdicating her responsibility as a reporter.
And the people themselves can do it, abdicating the virtues and responsibilities of citizenship.
It had offered odds of 10-1 on the queen abdicating during the Christmas message.
Abdicating market share to ankle-biters is a notoriously poor business strategy for an oligarchic industry like publishing.
The transformationalist regime in South Africa seemed to be abdicating its historic responsibilities toward the region.
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The dark crept swiftly up the slopes as if envious of the ruby crown set on Apo's forehead by the abdicating sun.
He is more subject to fits of hypochondria, to talk of abdicating.
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