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There is no way for a citizen of a republic to abdicate his responsibilities.
Someone thinks Charles should abdicate the British throne and come out here instead.
Hindenburg also used his huge influence to persuade Kaiser Wilhelm to abdicate and to go to Holland.
And Kings that earn their crown rarely abdicate, they leave the building via mortal battle.
Notoriously ill-informed over policy detail and often content to abdicate control, he nonetheless maintained presidential dominance.
If we abdicate our roles as adults, it will be media and peers that educate our kids.
Parliament could abdicate or divest itself of power to another body.
This is the day that I officially abdicate from my throne and pass the kingship on to my successor.
The government can pass the buck to companies, and workers can abdicate all responsibility.
But in 1947 the National Peasant Party was banned, the social democrats were pressured into merging with the communists, and King Michael was forced to abdicate.
The ruinous effects of World War I, combined with internal pressures, sparked the March 1917 uprising that led Tsar Nicholas II to abdicate the throne.
The Founding Fathers must never have imagined, however, that we would abdicate that responsibility for a quick buck.
A palace insider however insisted to the Daily Beast today that the Queen was not about to abdicate.
Juan Carlos is the second European monarch to abdicate in just over a year.
This will be followed by a national referendum where the resolution must obtain a simple majority for the king to abdicate in favor of the heir apparent.
Much like the British monarchy, when the current Aga Khan is ready to abdicate his post, he will personally choose a successor.
On 19 August, Richard II surrendered to Henry at Flint Castle, promising to abdicate if his life were spared.
Though a king may abdicate for his own person, he cannot abdicate for the monarchy.
Maximian was forced to abdicate again and Constantine was again demoted to Caesar.
In 1450, Jack Cade raised a rebellion to force Henry to address the economic problems or abdicate his throne.
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Here he held the famous council as to whether he should abdicate the Mexican throne or not.
Whenever you like to rebel, I shall be just as ready to abdicate.
He was opposed to any negotiations for peace, and threatened to abdicate.
The king and queen who are at present occupying my throne are very old and tottering, and are going to abdicate shortly in my favor.
God wills also that thou abdicate a manifold and duplex life, and that thou be content that others speak for thee.
It does not abdicate, when men allege the illegitimacy of its authority.
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