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How to use Si in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word Si? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
With Bob Finch's string bass at his side and pianist Si Perkoff or Bob Smale percolating at the keyboard, they generate a remarkable drive.
Recent reviews report that Si accumulation is, in general, higher in monocot than in non-monocot species.
Kim's bosom friend Kim Si Chong was one of those Koreans who escaped from the island and came to Japan.
I owe a debt of thanks to Si for pointing out the deficiencies in my spelling.
The SkyLab factory is based in Koh Si Chang, that small island 40 minutes by ferry boat from the Eastern Seaboard's Sriracha port.
There he urged family-appointed lawyers ding Xikun and Si Weijiang not to abandon the defense of Chen Kegui.
He calls it the spiritual successor to the Honda Civic Si hot hatch.
The main products of Si accumulation are the phytoliths, or silica bodies, which infill the cell walls and lumina of certain cells in plant tissues.
She said, Si but they're fully booked and he better amscray on time.
Biswas A, Si BC Revealing the controls of soil water storage at different scales in a hummocky landscape.
He blasted out of trap two and led up by a couple of lengths from West Tipp, Hi Dizz and Si Senor.
The acid group may be a carboxylic, phosphonic, sulfonic, sulfone, or Si 3 group, and the base may be an amine.
Together with his friend, Li Si, he served Xun Qing, and Si himself admitted that he was not as competent as Fei.
Thus, silicene has the same structure as a graphene sheet but it is composed of Si atoms instead of C atoms.
NanoGram Si paste was developed by NanoGram Corporation, a Teijin company specializing in designing novel nanomaterial technologies.
Each layer is formed of tetrahedrally coordinated Si atoms fused into an edge-sharing octahedral plane of either alumina or magnesia.
It linked the Yellow River near Kaifeng to the Si and Bian rivers and became the model for the shape of the Grand Canal in the north.
Madness' 10th studio album Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da was released on 29 October 2012 and entered the UK album charts at no.
Sosa was best known for signature tunes such as Gracias A La Vida and Si Se Calla El Cantor.
Han Fei did win the king's heart, but not before Li Si forced him to commit suicide by drinking poison.
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Examples from Classical Literature
When Uncle Si and his cohort got through with them they were as billowy as the surface of the ocean.
Sheriff Lawley had on his stiffest professional air and Si Hardscrabble's chest was puffed out like a pouter pidgeon.
The waspish little mutiny was so amusing that Si had to smile in spite of himself.
Shorty's thumb played a little with his gunlock, but Si restrained him with a look.
The fact was that Si and his companions hardly had a fair shake in this respect, and entered the field at a decided disadvantage.
Then towser leaped forward and caught Si Peters by his trowsers.
Me and Si are goin' back to look for that galoot that shot at us.
But in this they were mistaken for Si Peters had a field glass with him.
Slowly but surely his shell began to overlap that of Si Peters.
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