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Such strong inbreeding depression could explain the maintenance of SI systems where breakdown would be expected.
Although the faraday, the measure of an electrical charge named after him, has been superseded by the SI unit coulomb, Faraday's name continues to live through the farad.
Until its 1976 Geneva Congress, the SI had few members outside Europe and no formal involvement with Latin America.
The SI unit of area is the square metre, which is considered an SI derived unit.
In addition, the official US spelling for the rarely used SI prefix for ten is deka.
The symbol used to represent temperature in equations is T with SI units of kelvins.
The BBC had suggested that as an alternative to the SI compression scheme, the Freeview HD multiplex may have to adopt encryption.
The introduction of SI rationalised both the way in which units of measure were defined and also the list of units in use.
After the metre was redefined in 1960, the kilogram was the only SI base unit that relied on a specific artefact.
In practice the hectare is fully derived from the SI, being equivalent to a square hectometre.
He developed the concept of horsepower, and the SI unit of power, the watt, was named after him.
The SI unit of velocity is metres per second, derived from the base units of time and distance.
In the SI system, use of prefixes for powers of 1,000 is preferred and all other multiples discouraged.
Johnson analyzed the oxidation behavior of SI primary reference fuels with propionaldehyde and DTBP as an additive.
In order that such units are used consistently around the world, the CGPM catalogued such units in Tables 6 to 9 of the SI brochure.
Starting with reports published in July 2011, analyte concentrations will be expressed in the text in the traditional mass unit followed by the SI unit in parentheses.
The SI prefixes above are not the only extreme ones. Others such as xenno and xenna, or vendeko and vendeka exist, and can help simplify the expression of extreme numbers.
The SI derived unit of energy, the joule, is named after James Joule.
With the launch of SI in 1960, the 11th CGPM adopted the IAU definition.
Its second most important river is the Kelvin whose name was used in creating the title of Baron Kelvin and thereby ended up as the SI unit of temperature.
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Apogee also announced the completion of its previously announced acquisition of the AGV division of SI Handling Systems Inc.
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