How to say hit in Latin

What's the Latin word for hit? Here's a list of translations.

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More Latin words for hit
pello verb
drive, beat, banish, thrust, dislodge
batto verb
pound, beat, strike, fence
reperio verb
find, discover, find out, invent, detect
invenio verb
find, meet with, find out, discover, invent
conscindo verb
tear, beat, strike, buffet, hammer
macto verb
slay, smite, honor, glorify, adore
concrepo verb
wham, rattle, creak, clamour, clamor
laedo verb
damage, hurt, pinch, wound, strike
paello verb
jostle, thrust, beat, buffet, push
obfendo verb
upset, dash, bump, knock, light
ico verb
strike, smite, wound, strike a bargain
offendo verb
offend, stumble, displease, hurt, strike
quatio verb
jog, shake, shove, agitate, shake out
infligo verb
impose, inflict, strike, knock, dash on
inlido verb
strike, slap, squash, dash, dash upon
illido verb
strike, slap, squash, dash, dash upon
conlido verb
dash, clash, strike, beat, punch
collido verb
dash, beat, strike, clash, punch
percutio verb
strike, kill, beat, wound, pierce
incutio verb
infuse, strike, cast, throw, dash
ferio verb
smite, knock, bang, rap, kill
icio verb
strike, smite, wound, strike a bargain
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