How to say wide-ranging in Chinese

What's the Chinese word for wide-ranging? Here's a list of translations.

Chinese Translation


More Chinese words for wide-ranging
广泛 adjective
Guǎngfàn wide, extensive, widespread
大型 adjective
Dàxíng major, broad-scale, large-scale
大规模 adjective
Dà guīmó extensive, broad-scale, large-scale
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wide adjective, noun, adverb
, 广泛, 广, , 广阔
ranging noun
不等, 归类于
Similar Words
far-reaching adjective
深远, 广泛的, 广的, 广大的
widespread adjective
广泛, 普遍, 普及, 弥漫, 广泛流传的
extensive adjective
广泛, 粗放, 广, 大规模, 广大
broad adjective, noun
广阔, , 广, 宽广, 宽阔
wide adjective, noun, adverb
, 广泛, 广, , 广阔
deep adjective, noun, adverb
, 深刻, 深深, 深厚, 深处
expansive adjective
广阔, 广, , ,
far-flung adjective
遥远, 遥遥, , 蔓延的, 漫长的
sweeping adjective, noun
笼统的, 收拾, , 广泛的, 废屑
extended adjective
扩展, , 广, 长远,
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