What is the plural of proboscidean?

What's the plural form of proboscidean? Here's the word you're looking for.


The plural form of proboscidean is proboscideans.

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They believe the presence of these proboscideans would restore the balance that existed in Pleistocene times between grazers and large browsers.
There were once more than 300 species within the family, known as proboscideans, but today only Asian elephants and African elephants still exist.
In addition, because they are believed to be the sister group to proboscideans, their aquatic preferences raise interesting evolutionary questions.
The team found several species of archaic proboscideans called Palaeomastodons previously known from 32-million-year-old coastal sediments in Fayum, Egypt.
If climate was the culprit, then people and proboscideans should have shared some of the same territory, at least until climate change shrunk proboscidean habitat.
The researchers noted that while these prehistoric titans were proboscideans like modern elephants, they likely looked quite different.

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