What is the noun for rigid?

What's the noun for rigid? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. The quality or state of being rigid; want of pliability; the quality of resisting change of form; the amount of resistance with which a body opposes change of form.
  2. Stiffness of appearance or manner; want of ease or elegance.
  3. In Economics: synonym for stickiness (of prices/wages etc.). Describing the tendency of prices and money wages to adjust to changes in the economy with a certain delay.
  4. Synonyms:
    1. rigorousness, rigor, harshness, exactingness, hardness, rigidness, stringency, severity, strictness, sternness, inflexibility, incompliancy, grimness, adamancy, implacability, pigheadedness, perseverance, obduracy, implacableness, contumacy, relentlessness, obstinacy, mulishness, pertinacity, intransigence, remorselessness, indomitability, stubbornness, inexorableness, doggedness, die-hardism, inflexibleness, incompliance, inexorability, obdurateness, intransigency, bullheadedness, grimness, stiffness, inelasticity, firmness, sharpness, unkindness, hardheartedness, austerity, toughness, acerbity, cruelty
  1. plural of rigid
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