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What does in mean in Latin?

English Translation


More meanings for in
in preposition
into preposition
on preposition
super, de, ex, ad, indu
for preposition
pro, per, de, ob, erga
at preposition
ad, apud, inter, sub, aput
upon preposition
super, supra, supera, e, ec
among preposition
inter, apud, ad, indu, aput
unto preposition
indu, sub, a, ab, abs
amongst preposition
inter, apud, ad, indu
till preposition
until preposition
usque, usque ad, ad
within preposition
inter, penes, cis
against preposition
contra, adversus, adversum, ad, pro
about preposition
de, circa, circiter, super, circum ad
concerning preposition
de, super, circa, indu
in direction of preposition
towards preposition
ad, erga, VERSUS, contra, circa
toward preposition
ad, contra, erga, VERSUS, versum
in case of preposition
in the course of preposition
inter, per, indu
during preposition
per, inter, intra, sub, cis
at present adverb
in time adverb
tempore, temperi, tempori, indu, modulate
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