What does (Rán) mean in Chinese?

English Translation
More meanings for 然 (Rán)
however conjunction
然而, 但是, , 不过, 可是
but conjunction
, 但是, 不过, , 可是
so adverb
这样, 如此, 这么, 非常, 便
nevertheless conjunction
right adjective
, , 不错, 有方, 在理
correct adjective
正确, 端正, , 不错,
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See Also in Chinese
自然的 adjective
Zìrán de nature, earthy
当然 adjective, adverb
Dāngrán of course, certainly, sure, be sure, natural
必然 adjective, noun, adverb
Bìrán inevitable, necessity, certain, for sure
偶然 adjective, noun, adverb
Ǒurán accidental, chance, accidentally, occasional, occasionally
然而 conjunction
Rán'ér however, but, yet
仍然 adjective, adverb
Réngrán still, yet
突然 verb, adverb
Túrán suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly, pop, burst out
然后 conjunction, adverb
Ránhòu then, after, next, afterwards, afterward
自然 adjective, noun, adverb
Zìrán natural, nature, naturally, physical, physic
虽然 preposition, verb, adverb, conjunction
Suīrán although, though, despite, in spite of, notwithstanding
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