What does section mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word section? Here's what it means.

  1. A cutting; a part cut out from the rest of something.
  2. A part, piece, subdivision of anything.
    1. (music) A group of instruments in an orchestra.
  3. A part of a document.
  4. An act or instance of cutting.
  5. A cross-section (image that shows an object as if cut along a plane).
    1. (aviation) A cross-section perpendicular the longitudinal axis of an aircraft in flight.
  6. (surgery) An incision or the act of making an incision.
  7. (sciences) A thin slice of material prepared as a specimen for research.
  8. (botany) A taxonomic rank below the genus (and subgenus if present), but above the species.
  9. (zoology) An informal taxonomic rank below the order ranks and above the family ranks.
  10. (military) A group of 10-15 soldiers led by a non-commissioned officer and forming part of a platoon.
  11. (category theory) A right inverse.
  12. (New Zealand) A piece of residential land; a plot.
  13. (Canada) A one-mile square area of land, defined by a government survey.
  14. (geology) A sequence of rock layers.
  1. To cut, divide or separate into pieces.
  2. (Britain) To commit (a person, to a hospital, with or without their consent), as for mental health reasons. So called after various sections of legal acts regarding mental health.
  3. (medical): To perform a cesarean section on (someone).
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