What is a parabiosis?

What is a parabiosis? Here are some definitions.

  1. (physiology) The (natural or surgical) union of parts of two organisms, especially in such a way as to cause them to share their vascular systems. Organisms so joined then are called parabionts.
  2. The fusion of two embryos to form conjoined twins
  3. A transient physiological state of suspension of obvious vital activities such as to enable an organism to escape the notice of its enemies or to conserve its energy.
  4. (ecology) (ethology) A form of symbiosis, typically among ants, in which different species share common nest galleries but maintain distinct broods and do not practice mutualism other than incidentally.
  5. (medicine) An alien form of life within an organism, commonly invasive, such as a growing cancer.
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Mud, parabiosis means that he is processing young blood and transfusing it.
To identified systemic factors with anti-cardiomyopathic effects by systematic proteomic screenings after parabiosis and epigenome of the DCM hearts.
Parabiosis is the condition of more than one living organism joined..., with... circulatory fluids being exchanged among the parabionts.
The effects of x-irradiation on bone growth were studied in pairs of rats during protracted parabiosis involving vascular anastomosis.
The effects of PCSK9 are mostly exerted in a paracrine fashion, as shown by earlier parabiosis experiments.
Mortality from the procedure was nil, and the health of animals after parabiosis was excellent, as is commonly observed.

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