What are paleobotanists?

What are paleobotanists? Here are some definitions.

  1. plural of paleobotanist
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Many paleobotanists believe that the earliest seed plants evolved from heterosporous Middle Devonian plants like the progymnosperms.
The idea that cycads stem from Carboniferous so-called pteridosperms has long been popular with paleobotanists.
The issue has long preoccupied paleobotanists, with competing theories seeking to explain how angiosperms supplanted ferns and gymnosperms in many regions of the globe.
There is some agreement that both living and extinct cycads were derived from seed ferns, but paleobotanists still debate exactly if, when, and how this happened.
In North America, early paleobotanists consistently employed the synonym Trapa?
It is not clear why geochemists, paleobotanists, ecologists, and environmental scientists continue to neglect oxygen issues.

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