What are nanometres?

What are nanometres? Here are some definitions.

  1. plural of nanometre
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Carbon nanotubes are rolled up sheets of graphene just a few nanometres in diameter that can behave as either metals or semiconductors depending on their atomic arrangement.
Transistors, which next year will contain features measuring 45 nanometres, or billionths of a metre, have become so small that they leak substantial amounts of electricity.
The most common way to fabricate structures in the range of nanometres is the top-down approach.
The lead sulphide will be in the form of nanorods, 100 or so nanometres long and 20 by 20 nanometres in section.
In nanoscience objects are measured in nanometres, 1 billionth of a metre.
This offers quantitative data on elemental and oxidation state changes within the top 5-8 nanometres of a surface.

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