What does excurrent mean?

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  1. (botany) Of a vein or costa, extending beyond the tip or the margin of a leaf.
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Trabs rise upward parallel to or slightly oblique to excurrent canals and form regular ladder-like structure.
The opercular is more often made up of one or more immobile bones which channel the excurrent from gills with individual covers.
That is, sperm are created, concentrated and sent out the excurrent openings, sometimes in masses so dense that the sponges appear to be smoking.
Oxygen concentration in the excurrent air was recorded every second by the oxygen analyzer and computer described in the BMR section above.
Colonies with greater than 12 individuals across, may have fixed water excurrent chimneys reflected in the skeleton.
The velocity of the excurrent stream through the osculum may be several hundred times that at the level of the choanocytes.

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