What are earworms?

What are earworms? Here are some definitions.

  1. plural of earworm
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Midwesterners call the insects corn earworms, but farmers elsewhere grumble about cotton bollworms and tomato fruitworms.
If corn earworms have attacked yoursweet corn in the past, spray popcorn with Bacillus thuringiensis or carbaryl when silks first appear.
YieldGard VT Pro is a second-generation YieldGard Corn Borer trait that will offer broader control of corn insects, including corn borers, fall armyworms and corn earworms.
The seed in question is Agrisure Viptera, also known as MIR 162, which has been genetically modified to resist corn pests like earworms and cutworms.
European corn earworms can be controlled by squirting mineral oil on the silk where it emerges from the ear.
We fed the PBAN RNAi to corn earworms in their standard laboratory diet, and it had dramatic effects.

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