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What does course mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word course? Here's what it means.

  1. A sequence of events.
    1. A normal or customary sequence.
    2. A programme, a chosen manner of proceeding.
    3. Any ordered process or sequence or steps.
    4. A learning program, as in a school.
    5. (medicine) A treatment plan.
    6. A stage of a meal.
    7. The succession of one to another in office or duty; order; turn.
  2. A path that something or someone moves along.
    1. The itinerary of a race.
    2. A racecourse.
    3. The path taken by a flow of water; a watercourse.
    4. (sports) The trajectory of a ball, frisbee etc.
    5. (golf) A golf course.
    6. (nautical) The direction of movement of a vessel at any given moment.
    7. (navigation) The intended passage of voyage, such as a boat, ship, airplane, spaceship, etc.
  3. (nautical) The lowest square sail in a fully rigged mast, often named according to the mast.
  4. (plural) Menses.
  5. A row or file of objects.
    1. (masonry) A row of bricks or blocks.
    2. (roofing) A row of material that forms the roofing, waterproofing or flashing system.
    3. (textiles) In weft knitting, a single row of loops connecting the loops of the preceding and following rows.
  6. (music) A string on a lute.
  7. (music) A pair of strings played together in some musical instruments, like the vihuela.
  1. To run or flow (especially of liquids and more particularly blood).
  2. To run through or over.
  3. To pursue by tracking or estimating the course taken by one's prey; to follow or chase after.
  4. To cause to chase after or pursue game.
  1. (colloquial) Alternative form of of course
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