What is the adverb for out?

What's the adverb for out? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. Away from home or one's usual place, or not indoors.
  2. (of the sun, moon, stars, etc.) Visible in the sky; not covered by clouds, fog, etc.
  3. Away from; at a distance.
  4. Away from the inside or the centre.
  5. Into a state of non-operation; into non-existence.
  6. To the end; completely.
  7. Used to intensify or emphasize.
  8. (cricket, baseball) Of a player, disqualified from playing further by some action of a member of the opposing team (such as being stumped in cricket).
  9. (procedure word) A radio procedure word meaning that the station is finished with its transmission and does not expect a response.
  10. Synonyms:
    1. outdoors, utterly, soundly, exactly, outside, fast, entire, quite, all, dead, thoroughly, perfectly, altogether, enough, aloud, audibly, wide, heartily, flat, plumb, clean, wholly, entirely, even, away, totally, fully, full, well, completely, hence, off, down, fro, all over, out loud, without, absent, all of, outward, elsewhere, alfresco, gone away, not in, not here, through and through, not at home, out of doors
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