12-letter words starting with AB

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12-letter Words
abandonments abandonwares
abbreviately abbreviating
abbreviation abbreviators
abbreviatory abbreviature
Abdelrahmans abdominalgia
abecedarians Abergynolwyn
aberrational abhorrencies
abiotrophies abirritating
abjectnesses abjudication
ablactations abligurition
ablutophobia abnormalisms
abolishments abolitionary
abolitionism abolitionist
abominations aboriginally
abortionists abortiveness
abracadabras Abrahamizing
Abramowitzes abrasiveness
abridgements abruptnesses
abscondences absenteeisms
absentminded absinthiated
absoluteness absolutising
absolutistic absolutizing
absorbancies absorbencies
absorptances absorptional
absorptivity absquatulate
abstemiously abstinencies
abstractable abstractedly
abstractions abstractives
abstractness abstrictions
abstruseness abstrusities
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