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In my business the less you worry about making money the more likely you are to make it.
Until we hear from him my orders stand and you are to consider yourself in charge of the boy!
How observant you are to notice that two objects at the same temperature feel differently.
Now they sit on pins and needles, figuratively speaking, because, now that you're back, they don't know if you are to be depended upon.
The more alcohol you take in, the less able you are to control your behaviour.
It's also important to have a strategy from the outset if you are to achieve your objective.
Second, you are to keep a civil tongue in your head especially when addressing your peers.
If you are to attain the position of emperor, you must hold your people dear.
If you are to match it you are going to have to be witty and clever in your approach to dressing.
Mr. Hornblower, you are to gather your dunnage and return to Indefatigable.
Whether you laugh contentedly or scratch your head may depend on how accustomed you are to making up your own mind about things.
I think that the closer you are to your object the better you see details and you broadcast it accurately, but riskily.
The closer you are to retirement the harder it will be to make up the losses.
The more assimilationist you become, the more likely you are to fall back, to become indifferent, to say everything will be okay.
So let's suppose that you are to be the computist in the case of the analog shift map.
But the more you celebrate the former, the less likely you are to notice the latter.
You check your statement compulsively to see just how close you are to getting that flight to Hawaii.
Here then are a few questions you must answer if you are to create a great elevator pitch.
However, in all situations you are to use no more force than absolutely necessary.
If you are to be placed in such a position, you deserve a fair hearing in court.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I beseech you to bear in mind perpetually, that you are to be as helpless as possible.
And as to coming away at night, you are to stay just as long as Edmund chuses.
Why then, you are to put off that scornful look, and hear what Mr. Solmes has to say to you.
If you are to be a district nurse, dear, it might be well for you to get up to breakfast.
Did you know you are to drive me into town in the phaeton for the fireworks?
And yesterday, senorita Rosario was putting the room you are to have in order.
Chop the smallage exceeding small, and put it in a good half hour before you are to take your possnet from the fire.
For your interest or favour with him, you are to be the shorter or longer, more familiar or submiss, as he will afford you time.
If you are to do any good to Rosecrans it will not do to waste time with Jonesboro.
Wade, as chief chemist, you are to synthesize a little coffee and heat-treat a few eggs for us.
If you have travelled in the midi you have seen it, and you are to see it again now.
The hardest part of my unfortunate case is this, that the unkinder you are to me the more I love you.
I will instruct Wilkes on my way out, that you are to be at home to no one.
This summer the tables are to be turned, and all of you are to be the guests of yours truly.
Perhaps you are ignorant how you are to lay the potsherd on the clay at top?
This same pattern is precisely what you are to follow in using the role-playing technique.
So if you are to see this phenomenon you will have to be on time, for cholla never wait.
Yes, I am to rest here a little, and I am to drink some tea, and you are to take care of me the while.
She named the hour this morning when you are to start for Brescia.
I shall tell you the day when you are to put the bulb in the ground.
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