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What could be wrong besides a burned-out fuse if power windows and power locks on all four doors don't work on a 1996 Cherokee Classic?
There are few qualified teachers or other professionals who are able to work on a semi-voluntary basis.
Claudine goes to work on a spanking new metro that runs on time and is heavily subsidised.
When he let go, Carrie smiled weakly, as the force of the hug had taken a lot out of her, and opened her sketchbook to work on a drawing.
What makes the whole thing work on a deeper level is that Curtis not only acts her age but shows it.
Commissions are currently disclosed and most firms will also work on a fee basis, rebating any commissions.
The film will feature Sarah Polley, a Canadian actress, as a reclusive nurse who abandons her first holiday in many years to work on a rig.
I'm not quite sure how this would work on a large scale, but at least it's an idea.
Representing such a lifetime's work on a single disc is a near impossible task.
This is an exhibition of Batik work on a variety of materials including cottons, silks, linens, paper and canvas.
Back home, my grandmother raised their baby and went to work on a bomber assembly line.
Repair work on a Mercedes will never be cheap, no matter how much room is in the engine bay.
We aim to recruit a post-doctoral scientist to work on a research programme on autophagy and neurodegeneration using in vivo approaches in mice.
He had already announced that he was planning to leave the program to work on a book, but he knew he had been sandbagged, and he didn't like it.
I was helping a friend work on a video she was making, a very abstract adaptation of that play.
Cosmetics are tested on animals to check if a product such as shampoo may work on a human with no harmful effects.
They got to work on a revised finale, this time offering mainstream audiences all the mecha action they demanded.
After hearing this quote, the Timbers Army went to work on a Tifo with that quote and revealed this fantastic piece of work.
And not every meritorious claim will be sufficiently lucrative to attract a lawyer willing to work on a contingent fee basis.
He was inspired to begin work on a book about it from an African point of view.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Meanwhile the bacteriologists are steadily at work on a vaccine or antitoxin.
And did he now sit himself down zealously and perseveringly to work on a ninth and tenth symphony?
Busily at work on a pine cone near the top of a tree was a bird about the size of Bully the English sparrow.
He, with a number of other boys, went to Southern Rhodesia to work on a farm.
It is goldsmith's work on a gigantic scale, this marble reliquary of the archangelic painter.
Fuchs, who was the only cabinetmaker in the neighbourhood was set to work on a coffin.
A sailor goes through more downright hard work on a blowy night than these fellows do in a year.
At one place several men were at work on a new81 house, some of them shingling, others clinking cracks.
Two gunboats were newly planked up, and work on a schooner was just begun.
Cut and top and all these other niceties will not work on a dull one.
Frank had seen Nemo work on a track with toots in the saddle.
She finds work on a slave ship headed to New Spain, but just when she gets comfortable, pirates seize her ship.
Mr. Rennie says that he saw one at work on a brick of a hard yellow kind.
Or a nostrum that shall be sure work on a horse with a farcy?
The star tells me she's already started work on a comeback album after the lacklustre reaction to Young Foolish Happy.
Close inspection of the work reveals it sits on a grid of white chalk lines with corresponding red chalk numbers for reproducing the work on a larger scale in oil.
He was once more Mastro Geppetto, the wood carver, hard at work on a lovely picture frame, decorating it with flowers and leaves, and heads of animals.
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