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Be on the lookout for Caribbean dove, West Indian woodpecker, Cuban bullfinch, and smooth-billed ani.
Within minutes, a woodpecker with a white-barred black mantle and red crown landed on the same tree.
The explorers introduced to science Clark's nutcracker and Lewis's woodpecker, as well as the sage grouse and the lesser Canada goose.
Because the tongue of a young woodpecker has a smooth tip, the sticky, glue-like saliva is used to pull grubs out of their galleries.
He said native British birds that could lose out include the little owl, green woodpecker, and kestrel.
They also will use an old woodpecker or other hole or even hollows in the earth beneath exposed tree roots.
They are cavity-nesters, finding a natural hollow in a tree, an old woodpecker hole, a hole in a building, or a man-made nest box.
But, of course, the woodpecker may be a regular visitor and I wouldn't necessarily know.
They pierce the base of a flower to get at the nectar, and visit woodpecker and sapsucker holes for tree sap.
The woodpecker digs deep into the trees in search of carpenter ants to eat.
A woodpecker had himself a nice fat acorn, and he was hard at work to crack it open.
There were a few Steller's jays visiting the feeders, along with an acorn woodpecker and a white-breasted nuthatch.
A small woodpecker flew into a tree above me, and when I saw its slender profile and long bill, I thought it must be a sapsucker.
A cuckoo called from faraway, a greater spotted woodpecker hammered out an urgent tattoo.
The dawn chorus is a medley of warblers and shrikes, and, always from the same tree, the klu-klu-klu of a green woodpecker.
In the woods I heard both green and great spotted woodpecker whilst overhead a pair of buzzards soared in a spectacular display flight.
There was the occasional chatter of magpies or jays, and once the bobbing flight of a greater spotted woodpecker.
You may also see some of Zagori's eight species of woodpecker, as well as wallcreepers, dippers, rock thrush, golden oriole, snow finch.
There is a downy woodpecker on one of the birdfeeders and whisky jacks darting across the frosty boughs.
On Jan. 27, searchers recorded pairs of loud raps, as if a huge woodpecker were drumming on a hollow tree.
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Examples from Classical Literature
One of these was with a yellow-bellied woodpecker, the first I had ever seen.
In English it was applied not only to the parrot, but also to the green woodpecker.
To add to my disappointment a red-headed woodpecker began to pound out a tantalizing tune upon the limb of a dead hemlock.
Hence this Colaptes, in all the essential parts of its structure, is a woodpecker.
It is said that in the territory of Tarentum, the woodpecker of Mars is never found.
The animals consecrated to him were the wolf, horse, vulture, and woodpecker.
A little further on, I saw a green woodpecker fly to a tree, and run up the trunk like a cat.
And while I stood watching them from the palace trees close by came the loud laugh of the green woodpecker.
This, the southernmost form of the green woodpecker, has much the most ringing voice.
The Cuban green woodpecker and the white-eyed vireo are also garrulous birds often met in company with the oriole.
His love was the shy, green woodpecker, whom he had actually coaxed into nesting in the park.
Probably red-headed, since the name was misapplied to a specimen of a pileated woodpecker.
A red stick was sent to each one, not forgetting the woodpecker and his family.
The log-cock, or pileated woodpecker, the largest and wildest of our Northern species, I have never heard drum.
As this was probably all the woodpecker was fighting for, he did not give chase.
The other day I saw a yellow-bellied woodpecker alight upon a decaying beech and proceed to drill for a grub.
As the yellow-bellied woodpecker was the most abundant species in these woods, I attributed it to him.
In other tribes, the woodpecker is substituted for the nightjar.
Unlike the woodpecker the wryneck does not hollow out its hole for itself.
The owl represents night, and the woodpecker the day and sun.
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