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Nervous laughter welled up but she bit it back, knowing how crazy it would sound.
As a result the water welled up, forming a vertical column through the sandstone.
The tweet of a bird sounded by and Terika's eyes welled up with frightened tears.
Then, abandoning her pride, she let the tears that had welled up, flow freely.
As he thought the name, a single tear welled up and rolled down the Ursine's brown muzzle.
Instead, she decided to pursue the curiousness which slowly welled up within her, replacing the other emotions for the time being.
The oil is thought to have welled up from a small boat which sank on Monday after heavy rain caused the water level to rise.
The new cut on her hand glinted in the light, as the beads of blood welled up to the surface.
More oil and air welled up, and it was clear from other debris that the submarine was finished.
Her vision blurred slightly with a sudden flow of tears that welled up in her eyes and she blinked them away.
The researchers think the water welled up from beneath the planet's surface about five million years ago.
Tears welled up in Mother's eyes, and I saw for the first time, her as a person.
A sinking feeling of despair welled up within her, threatening to swamp her completely.
A feeling of rebellion welled up inside of her and she wanted nothing more to do then slam her door and lock herself in.
Dislike welled up inside me, but I managed to keep my countenance and voice cordial.
His breath came in quick, shallow gasps as anxiety and panic welled up inside him.
The intense feeling welled up within her and shone from her eyes like dark beacons.
Emotion welled up inside her, and tears slowly coursed their way down her cheeks.
Each time she thought of his name, a mix of pleasure and anticipation welled up inside her.
Morning loomed through the cloud of condensation that welled up out of Dan's sleeping bag, a breathing cave if ever there was one.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I burned to revile Canaples aloud, but Abdon's was not the ear into which I might pour the hot words that welled up to my lips.
Something that was not of the tenement, something vital, with which his old life had no concern, welled up in gimpy at the touch.
His joy welled up and overflowed in him as overflows a river in time of spate.
But her pride had suppressed the eager question that welled up to her lips.
But he was enheartened too, and courage to surmount a thousand failures welled up in him as from an unimagined spring.
The rhapsody welled up within me, like blood from an inward wound, and gushed out.
He stifled the wrath that welled up, threatening to choke him.
Now she knew, and a flood of thankfulness welled up in her heart.
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