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Decades later the island was visited by other white folk who discovered that all the natives had become Seventh-day Adventists.
This was the first time in seven years that the Thailand plant was visited by such high ranking officers from Emerson corporate headquarters.
I also sought out smaller houses, manors, rectories and cottages that can be visited by the public.
From a pair of mimes to a company the size of Cirque du Soleil, the French are visited by dozens of new-circus troupes a year.
Trigger warnings have been used on the Internet for a long time, first appearing on feminist websites visited by victims of sexual attacks.
There's a pond visited by ducks, geese, blue herons, otters, deer and the odd bear.
She received no medical aid till Saturday, when she was visited by the parish surgeon, Mr. Vaughan.
Samboo's unconsecrated grave at Sunderland Point is often visited by schoolchildren.
Flowers are visited by a diverse pollinator assemblage comprising Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera and Coleoptera.
After piloting, 400 houses from each area were visited by trained interviewers using a multistage sampling procedure.
The story is told of Jesus being born in Bethlehem and being visited by wise men from the east that brought presents of gold, incense, and myrrh.
When first nominated the participants were then visited by mystery shoppers with five finalists selected nationwide.
But lay into others and you should prepare to be visited by the vengeance of polite society.
Other fragrant scents to human senses are most often those produced by flowers visited by pollinators.
The bank also managed to recover loans that were deemed unrecoverable through a call-back system in which clients were visited by bank employees.
At the London, Merrick became a celebrity, an object of curiosity, visited by fashionable society women and royalty.
It also houses specimens of night herons, squacco herons, little egrets and is usually visited by the marsh harrier.
Saturn is to be visited by the Cassini spacecraft in the middle of this year, so keep your eye on it.
Others are convinced that the Earth is being watched and has already been visited by creatures from outer space.
All the hotels in the guide were visited by a professional inspector and the entries were written between April and June this year.
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Examples from Classical Literature
This circlet is lacking in aphids that are rarely or never visited by ants.
It is thus, in every respect, the most ancient monument in France, and is well deserving of being visited by travellers.
An impressive example of an impact structure is Meteor Crater, Ariz., which is visited by thousands of tourists each year.
Our encampment was near a beautiful spring, called Bellefontaine, which is visited by the Indians, at some seasons of the year.
He read deep philosophical works, forbade his family to go to church, and had been visited by bjornson himself.
Campeche was built on the site of an Indian city, and visited by Antonio Cordova in his first ill-fated expedition.
It would be useful then to send those that are found in countries not yet visited by naturalists and even the Common Market fish.
At the spot of our encampment, as soon as the shades of night closed in, we were visited by hordes of ephemera.
At Fujisawa is a temple, which is visited by the Mikado once or twice in the year.
The towns are never visited by him, and the Hudson's Bay Company will sell him no liquor.
There is a wretched hamlet of Somali at suk, which had been visited by us from Hadibo.
When he was fifteen, the Leeward Islands were visited by a terrific hurricane.
The flowers of lonicera, which have a long tube, open in the evening, when they are sweet-scented and are visited by hawk-moths.
For two or three mornings after that the milk was not visited by the marauder.
On the northern coasts are extensive fisheries of trepang, much visited by native traders from the Indian Archipelago.
For since then the New Siberian Islands have not been visited by any scientific expedition.
The part of Novaya Zemlya which is first visited by the walrus-hunters in spring is usually just the west coast off Matotschkin.
The westing we were making brought us among people who are frequently visited by the Mambari as slave-dealers.
Chicken houses, pigpens, vegetable gardens, and orchards were visited by members returning from the midnight conclaves.
When Madame Guyon was sick and in prison, was she not visited by fenelon?
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