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The Minister undertook to pursue the unfilled vacancy issue and I am pleased about that.
In the early days John was routinely accused of glibness, superficiality, mannerism, of Pop-Art vacancy and amorality.
With the scratch specialist Picklez gone, there opened a vacancy for the world's top turntablist crew.
The Council shall vote by secret ballot in order to fill the vacancy expeditiously.
I had met someone who was working as a binder in the Library who told me of a job vacancy here.
In an environment where departments operate with significantly high vacancy rates the expectation is to have them underspend their budgets.
A merchant banker once received over 200 applications for one vacancy for a graduate trainee.
However, she was admitted, given five more units of blood, and kept in to await a vacancy in the hospice.
One was to register a placing after an individual has simply inquired after a vacancy.
The Irish Wheelchair Association has a vacancy for a worker on a community employment scheme.
The great defender of traditional liturgy could also be its critic when he thought the fog of incense was merely hiding a vacancy at the altar.
I got one of my cobbers at university to ring up about three or four hours later and there was still a vacancy there.
There were legions of zombie idlers in the malls, the dead and gutted malls with high vacancy rates that wouldn't be resolved anytime soon.
Fortunately, Stackpole Community Council remains at full strength and a recent vacancy attracted interest from more than one candidate.
It is not known yet whether there will be a by-election or if the vacancy will stand until the town council elections in May.
Billy noticed a red light above the office door with an electric buzzer to announce a vacancy.
However, a vacancy caused by the resignation of a non-party councillor is subject to standing orders agreed by the council.
It is a deft balancing act, measuring blank vacancy with an equally manic intensity.
He was sitting towards the back of the vehicle, staring with a fixed expression into vacancy.
With the airport security locking the doors and taxi service nowhere to be found, I had to walk to the only hotel sporting a vacancy sign.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Europe was now reinvolved in fresh troubles by a vacancy on the throne of Poland.
A fool, a braggart, a liar the less, but still he must leave a vacancy at the hearth!
Instructions to royal governors were draughted by them and they made nominations in cases of vacancy in the colonial service.
There was a possibility of a vacancy at high wycombe, close to his fathers house.
She pondered on the circumstance for some time, looking into vacancy and hindering the play.
Beaumarchais early in the proceedings had summarily dropped Lee from his confidence and instated Deane in the vacancy.
After trying for years to simplify the code, the council members called in loran Krovalo to fill a vacancy and take over the job.
It hasn't got no employment for its mind, and is always in a state of vacancy.
Another of the many shapes in which it started up about him, out of vacancy.
Why did you recommend him to his superiors for preferment on the next vacancy?
When the bishop has refused to admit a presentee, the patron cannot present him again in respect of the same vacancy.
He felt a vacancy in him, a need for the hush and quietude of the stream and the cave in the cliff.
But in the early part of the year he was removed to Beloit, to supply a vacancy.
We now up helm, and steered for a vacancy among the British vessels.
He sat on a stump, staring with sightless eyes into vacancy.
When a vacancy occurs the election of a new Verderer is called by the Sheriff of Gloucestershire.
A big, wide vacancy, left by a lady who departed yester-day in a shower of burning words and hairpins.
A special election was held in November, 1874, to fill that vacancy.
Had a vacancy occurred in the post office at that time, I should have jumped at it.
My comrades are still nobodies, while I am only waiting for a vacancy to command a regiment, and have the happiness to be your husband.
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