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Authorities have been delegated, but basic services have not been up to par.
The dialogue is even more aimless, the image quality is bad, and the acting is not up to par.
If I am employing somebody, then I would expect him or her to front up, and to rectify anything that is not up to par.
Because the packaging was not up to par, the shipper did not see one cent in restitution.
For me, as a slalomer, I work hard to keep my consistency and competitiveness up to par.
The technical quality of the disc is up to par with the rest of the volumes.
This was a television series rather than a feature film and the acting isn't up to par with what you would expect out of one.
Downing says that the quality of the food and water abroad isn't always up to par with the United States.
The transfer is acceptable but not up to par with what other studios are doing.
The novelette aside, the overall quality isn't quite up to par with Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, but it's better than I expected.
As in other developments, sewage water from the houses could be used to keep the course up to par, if a little pongy.
The only problem with that story is they didn't start putting the worm in the mescal until 1950, when they had much more scientific ways of testing if a liquor was up to par.
However, if the water quality isn't up to par, it can smell pretty bad.
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