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If you have a test and discover you are not the father of a child you always thought was yours, you can't unlearn that fact.
No ballet dancer should be in the position of having to unlearn eight years of poor training.
Let's just say trying to unlearn 8 years of badminton wristwork and footwork will definitely take more than 2 hours.
Here as elsewhere, Marcus is determined to unlearn the unwise attachments to externals that he has learned from his culture.
He is here when we unlearn the violence and greed we are inculcated with as Americans, and practice peacemaking and reconciliation.
I hope that others can assemble the jagged rhythms of my stories to unlearn common misperceptions about vernacular English.
It will force you to unlearn some bad habits that you might have picked up and also allows you to upgrade your skills and aeronautical knowledge.
An uncomfortable place that would force us to learn about our mutual dependence and unlearn patriotic virtues.
Therefore, it has to be used for a while before you unlearn your present habits and can begin to appreciate it.
And since this is the reality in Jamaica, the school should also be the place to unlearn what has been mistaught.
You begin to see this as a bit of a habit as well, and perhaps you can unlearn bits of it.
Change requires the individual or group to unlearn old habits, methods of performing routine tasks, and customary thought patterns.
Out-of-control anger is a learned behavior, so you have to unlearn it.
Pre toddlers don't have to unlearn any bad foreign buying habits.
I needed on-the-job training for this new role, but it felt as though things were moving too fast for me to unlearn old habits and learn new skills all at the same time.
About how your character and judgments were formed and how you came to unlearn that first and not always painful formation?
I learned some things I can never unlearn about organic decomposition and human bone.
Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn All that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience.
The programme helps participants by giving them a clear-cut plan of action to focus on positive attitude, unlearn bad habits and build healthy relationships.
Two friends try to unlearn bad-relationship habits by dating each other, exclusively, for 40 days.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The people of a country do not unlearn in a day the long lessons of the past.
Even to him the best grammar is the shortest and that in which he will have least to unlearn.
And he was quicker than his educated countrymen, for he had nothing to unlearn.
Dr Rima said if people become highly dependent on social media they can unlearn skills needed in physical social situations.
Sengupta has urged management graduates to be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn what they have imbibed as a part of their studies.
With thee did I unlearn the belief in words and worths and in great names.
And it is harder to unlearn an old lesson than to learn a new.
It terrifies me in a completely different way and I almost had to unlearn things that I just do naturally, as Kylie.
But with time and each new film role, I continue to learn, unlearn and learn again, and therefore I am clearer about who and what I am.
Students are advised to unlearn old habits and negative thoughts to lead positive behaviors and a happier life.
Also, to succeed at the writing game, I found I had to unlearn about everything the teachers and professors of literature of the high school and university had taught me.
Although, some fans might wish they could now unlearn the answer.
With Project Unlearn we aim to spread awareness about this issue, shaking people out of their indifference towards this grim reality.
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