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But trying to avoid hazardous chemicals that are persistent and ubiquitous in the environment is not really an answer either.
In addition, clothing and mats are popular wares, which are often made from the ubiquitous raffia palm tree.
Paradoxically, this immemorial and ubiquitous trauma is perpetuating the dream of an eternal and perfectly just, that is, paradisical life.
With so many young cigars throughout the industry, the ubiquitous tobacco beetle has made a return.
Those ubiquitous south Indian dishes could be made more appetising and delicious if ragi and green gram were used as the main ingredients.
Pox or syphilis was ubiquitous and remedies for illnesses were few and often not effective.
More so as the theme revolves around the ubiquitous concept of rasa an Indian concept and ideology based on emotions.
The rubbish esthetic was so ubiquitous in messy piles of wallboard and carpet that it began to seem a too-facile solution.
One of the nostalgic memories all visitors to Turkey bring home are the cries, along with the call to prayers, of the ubiquitous street sellers.
Visitors are battered by a cacophony of cries by hawkers trying to flog a variety of the ubiquitous plastic trinkets and squeaking toys.
We are not talking about the hordes of migrant workers dozing off in the gutters on sweltering street corners, but about the ubiquitous parasol.
Other options such as white bass, crappie and channel catfish are available, but the ubiquitous sunfish is the most widespread and plentiful.
But just because the mood of social pessimism is so ubiquitous does not mean we should simply accept it.
The ubiquitous large tray with sweets and tidbits was at the ready and freshly brewed Chinese tea was wheeled in.
Dioxin, a byproduct of chemical processes including combustion, is virtually ubiquitous in the environment.
While Wi-Fi is becoming a standard feature on notebooks, network coverage is anything but ubiquitous.
Garum was used in ancient Rome, and it was supposedly as ubiquitous then as ketchup is today.
The swim coach carried one of those ubiquitous blue-bottomed first-aid kits.
In addition there is a New Orleans American style chilli sauce and the ubiquitous tomato ketchup.
We took a short break and snacked on that most ubiquitous of bushwalker delicacies, the dried fruit and nuts mix called scroggin.
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