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I have seen an etheromaniac at forty-one a wizened, bent, decrepit, and tottering old man.
Just then, the door flew open and Mara, ashen-faced and tottering came out, closely followed by a radiant Rakael.
Through shifting openings in the clouds of dust they could see that it was rungless in places, rickety, tottering.
A very old woman, bent in half and tottering on crippled legs, slowly and painfully pushed her own empty wheelchair.
We could see, for instance, the doddering old knights and dames of the order tottering in in procession.
It resembled a rectangular crown, a small tottering tower of points and bars rising from the camel's back.
Eventually, the next bend reveals a stand of huts, tottering on stilts sunk in the muddy wastes of the lapping river.
Its various schools, once strongly entrenched at numerous clan capitals throughout the country, were now tottering on the brink of ruin.
It could all leave the troubled Ice Hockey Superleague tottering on the brink with just five teams left.
On the eve of his fateful appointment as chancellor, his party was tottering on the brink of disintegration.
When her side was tottering on the brink of defeat it was her powers of persuasion which lifted them that one vital step.
The fragile banking industry is tottering, and the enormous level of foreign investment China has enjoyed over the past decade is under threat.
It is this rebirth and destruction that keeps the balance and saves the universe from tottering over the brink of destruction.
The film is a fabulous concoction and shows the Islamic world tottering on the brink of an abyss.
The financial success was achieved, however, on the back of a tottering pyramid of contract labour, often unskilled.
After the elegies and hymns and poems, the retired minister rose to speak on tottering legs but with a voice like a vice.
In auctioning off monetary gold the managers of irredeemable currency are trying, in vain, to buy time to save their tottering regime.
In recent years China has supported the tottering North Korean regime, providing food provisions, oil, strategic supplies and economic aid.
Bags had grown to this enormous monstrosity, wildly unfunctional, akin to tottering around on seven-inch heels.
The bankrupt ones are outlined in red, while the tottering ones have orange outlines.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It had taken this news from the harbor to bring him tottering, crashing down.
The bear was tottering now, and another blow on the back of the head from the Indian behind brought him down, stone-dead.
I gave her a pat on the chin scarcely consistent with my aged and tottering mien and proceeded to shamble painfully to my room.
He was not about to throw himself headlong from the summit of the tottering wall.
He withdrew, almost tottering in his gait, and nearly stumbled against the mainmast of the ship.
Quaking, reeling, almost falling, she came tottering down the patio.
Hither he came, when attaint was lifted, late in those tottering years.
He bellowed at the tottering crowd who blocked the quick march of his bearers.
The king and queen who are at present occupying my throne are very old and tottering, and are going to abdicate shortly in my favor.
Violence amongst these toothless, tottering, trembling, feeble ones?
Our Union is tottering to its foundation, and slavery is the cause.
I went downstairs trembling, tottering, and my teeth chattering.
The commercial and moral fabric of European civilization is tottering.
Is it we who would overthrow the tottering state of Phrygia?
The protector had become the protected, and the whole fabric of the feudal system was tottering to a fall.
Uncas, look for the marks of a shoe that is long enough to uphold six feet two of tottering human flesh.
Several bent and tottering men and women came nearer and answered his questions about each former friend as he mentioned the names.
I informed her that my reason was tottering on its throne, and only she, Miss Mills, could prevent its being deposed.
He was running like a spent man, tottering and lurching from side to side.
The time-worn colossus of Rome was tottering under its own weight.
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