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Sentence Examples
I had to slam the door, and there I stood, all of a tremble, till I knew he had gone.
Plasma then proceeded to slam Vegito down with a force strong enough to break rocks.
The ball bounced back off the crossbar for Carlton to slam home the rebound.
Williams saved the captain's first effort but Bentley was the quickest to react to slam the rebound into the net.
It being rather too cold for her to see him to the gate, she fondly told him he might let himself out, but warned him to slam the gate after him.
Forced to slam on her own brakes as the vehicles immediately ahead crashed into the carnage, Sonya braced herself for impact.
A massive storm system is expected to slam into the coast, bringing heavy rain and flooding.
I'm not using this soapbox to slam the concept of equity financing, nor the venture capitalists who make it possible.
Inside there was a squeak and the sound of something clattering, then the door swung open to slam against the bathroom wall.
She wanted to slam the door shut, to hear the satisfying crack of wood against wood, splintering and breaking.
Such a move sticks out, as people have lined up to slam his management of the complicated process.
And they were also quick to slam high-spending pop stars and other celebrities who they said were a bad example to youngsters.
I managed to slam on the brakes in the nick of time to avoid getting into an accident, tyres screeching and all.
When I drove Joe to work early in my onesie, I had to slam on my brakes and almost got rear ended.
Within seconds one of them had fitted a hydraulic jack to the door frame while another began to slam it with a battering ram.
They don't have the money or the wherewithal to want to slam him on environment.
She then elbowed her way past James and into the hallway, making sure to slam the door on the way out.
He squibbed the kick and had to make the tackle himself, prompting Spurrier to slam his clipboard, visor and headset to the ground.
He was voted Sports Personality of the Year in 1955 but struck a discordant note on screen by using the occasion to slam the media for damaging British sport.
It's easy to slam the studios for churning out crass sequels and safe remakes and endlessly rebootable superhero pictures.
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Examples from Classical Literature
She was about to slam the door in my face, but I pushed my foot between it and the lintel.
Ross strove to enmesh them in the robe, using the pressure of his body to slam them all on the buttons and levers of the board.
His Lordship had no time to slam the windows up, before the coach lay wallowing in a bog of nighty blackness.
It is comparatively easy at the present time in moral theory to slam both hedonism and apriorism.
The New Approach colt trode clear in the final furlong to slam Canary Row by five and a half lengths.
Ebeyina spread-eagled her rivals in Cork, powering clear to slam Upper Silesian by no less than 23 lengths.
Cardiffresponded almost immediately as a corner was swang in for aldridge to slam home and give Cardiffa chance to get back into the game.
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