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Finally ready she slipped on some simple slippers and did her hair up in a loose braid, opting to skip any head pieces for now.
The snooping was forgotten as she started to skip around the room and grow more excited by the minute.
One school friend said one vivid memory was of May as a child with long black shiny hair who loved to skip.
The student who is tempted to skip it and trust to luck should be mindful of Francis Bacon's axiom.
In the twilight zone between sleep and awake, I make the decision to skip my shower and be a pig today.
The leaves provide shelter or canopy and after a few days the little creatures find their feet and learn to skip and jump.
It takes only three girls to skip rope or two to play house, while more boys are needed for team sports such as football.
I had to pretend not to know how to skip rope when, in real life, I was quite good at it.
But with all of the food you guys provide us here, it's really no big deal to skip a meal or two.
He'd been known to skip lectures and just attend tutes when he was a University student.
I wasn't going to skip it after going through the whole semester and doing all the work.
But as soon as he decides to skip off to another country to make a movie, everyone decides that they actually liked Woody Allen all along.
It seems that it is a bit of a tradition among graduates to skip off overseas and teach English, and why not?
Daniel laughed, brushed a piece of his blond hair from his eyes, and tried to skip another stone on the cobbles.
Lars taught me to skip rocks, and soon I was better than he was, much to his chagrin.
As he watches the older kids showing the younger ones how to skip stones, his voice softens.
If you don't want to skip the bread course entirely, ask for whole-grain bread, rolls or breadsticks.
Less brave souls might prefer to skip the sugar-cane peanut brittle and chocolate balls for the exotic home-made ice creams.
The film-makers decided to skip the sojourn to Europe or other foreign locales for filming the dance sequences.
A few kids had spring fever and claimed it a worthy reason to skip finals, but I went to school every single day.
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High school seniors who are heavy drug users are more than three times as likely to skip school as nonusers.
The only thing for your little Freeman-boy to do is to skip out while the skipping is good.
During the stabilization course one professor had permitted him to skip some classes.
We hoped he'd make them untie us and he'd pass it to us and tell us to skip.
On reaching the top of the brow, she began to skip and run where the road descends by Folieu.
Oh, it's just too beastly that for such a trifle we've got to skip out of this jolly place!
Cal'late Lulie forgot that when she told him to skip out that way.
Sometimes I have half a mind to skip off and do my wooing myself.
And though he had to skip out early on a job installing ceramic tile, and had to buy bleacher tickets from a scalper outside, Simmons kept his word to the budding ballplayer.
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