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In 1987, Mullin himself became a notably thoughtful Labour MP and served for a while as a minister at the Foreign Office.
Da Capo place the Second Symphony last on disc thus leaving Nielsen's refreshing thoughts on man's four temperaments as a thoughtful makeweight.
This was a thoughtful, quiet museum which nicely complemented the manic excitement of the Dracula Experience.
Doubters and critics have poured scorn on our ambitious plans or urged speed when a more thoughtful approach was deserved and required.
This book gives sound illustrations and a thoughtful text, but by only using black and white photographs, it tends to look dated.
When was the last time photography attracted quite so much thoughtful coverage in the mass media?
He is also a thoughtful theologian who has written an introduction to the theology of Jirgen Moltmann.
Snapping out from her thoughtful reverie, she barked an order to the warriors under her command.
Levi looked at Hal, laughed, and then extended his palm in a thoughtful manner.
The tone of delegates interviewed afterwards was thoughtful and reflective.
It should also open up the intellectual space for the thoughtful consideration of the subject.
It is the task of thoughtful researchers to critically consider how knowledge in their field is produced and used.
The decision to leave the firm was a difficult one and involved many hours of thoughtful consideration.
He returned to his chair as silence and thoughtful reflection punctuated the moment.
The decision to make the changes was made after a long search and thoughtful consideration.
It makes me think that she's just fairly introverted and is quite a thoughtful person, even pensive perhaps.
Your words and the thoughtful reflections of others will help awaken those who can and will make a difference.
It is long overdue, and is the outcome of thoughtful consideration and review.
By nature she is a thoughtful, serious girl whose natural reticence has been reinforced by too many rooms full of flashbulbs and poised pens.
Hegel himself said that the philosophy of history means nothing but the thoughtful consideration of it.
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Examples from Classical Literature
She did not speak, however, but only listened with her thoughtful and expectant air.
She is thoroughly thoughtful, and her religion is not of the uninfluential kind Mary describes.
But the folding of the flimsy batch on his knee was executed with thoughtful nicety.
He bore in his hand a branch of ocote, or candlewood, which lit up his thoughtful face, and gave it a sinister expression.
His spirit was cool and thoughtful, unheated by the feverish yearning after increased possessions.
And thus she left him very thoughtful, as concerned for Una as she was herself.
But all the same she walked away very thoughtful, her basketful of tinware clattering at her back.
Wanhope waited for a thoughtful moment of censure eventuating in toleration.
She was standing a little apart from me, her eyes cast down and thoughtful.
Christine, readjusting her life to new conditions, was graver, more thoughtful.
Climene had been silent and thoughtful, pondering what columbine had called this romance of hers.
From them the thoughtful will learn how to complete a 'half-truth' often reiterated.
The squire was unusually taciturn, Mrs. Hazeldean thoughtful, Mrs. Dale languid and headachy.
All of which the paperhanger listened to in thoughtful silence and then told a tale.
Especially is this so with thoughtful, sober-minded boys like the young Napoleon.
The sorceress was thoughtful for a time, considering the consequences of her loss.
Next morning, after I had sucked down a thoughtful cup of tea, I went into motty's room to investigate.
This youth was spic-and-span from the Military Academy, with a top-dressing of three months' thoughtful travel in Germany.
There was silence for a moment, and one after another met my roving glance with a thoughtful, self-involved and retrospective eye.
His manner of imparting information, is thoughtful, and appropriate to the scene.
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