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With 24 percent unemployment in north Amiens, it's not surprising things get tense.
After a tense, at times laughable chase, comes the kind of rah-rah moment that amps up the audience for the rest of the film.
It was a tense matchup that made up in suspense for what it lacked in aesthetics.
English verbs are inflected for tense and aspect, and marked for agreement with third person singular subject.
The sentence will read better if you change the tense of the verb.
You should avoid changing tense in the middle of a paragraph.
Simple past time is expressed by the aorist tense! The aorist tense describes the past action as a total event viewed in its entirety.
As has already been mentioned, indications of tense are often bound up with indications of other verbal categories, such as aspect and mood.
It is consequently not always possible to identify elements that mark any specific category, such as tense, separately from the others.
The future tense of perfective verbs is formed in the same way as the present tense of imperfective verbs.
Fuller information on tense formation and usage in particular languages can be found in the articles on those languages and their grammars.
In Old Rapa there are also other types of tense markers known as Past, Imperative, and Subjunctive.
Wuvulu speakers use a realis mood to convey past tense as speakers can be certain about events that have occurred.
Aspect is often confused with the closely related concept of tense, because they both convey information about time.
Thus tense refers to temporally when while aspect refers to temporally how.
The Germanic languages combine the concept of aspect with the concept of tense.
Furthermore, the separation of tense and aspect in English is not maintained rigidly.
There is some disagreement among grammarians whether to view the distinction as a distinction in aspect, or tense, or both.
This past verb is clearly similar if not identical to the Greek aorist, which is considered a tense but is more of an aspect marker.
The prospective aspect is a combination of tense and aspect that indicates the action is in preparation to take place.
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The article shows that split readings can occur not only with attitude verbs but with modals, tense, and aspectual markers as well.
It came off straight and tense and arrowy, cheered to the last stroke.
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