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The lower jawbone of the hippopotamus reveals six incisor teeth, whereas the hippopotamus that survives in Africa has only four incisors.
Another jemadar prowled, revolver in one hand, primed grenade in the other, and kukri clenched between his teeth.
Gritting their teeth, because the holy men were accustomed to other methods of settling accounts with heretics and nonbelievers.
Other dental infections, such as cavities and abscessed teeth, may also increase the chances of cardiovascular-related death.
Some owls screech and scream their heads off, setting your teeth on edge and jangling your nerves.
Egyptians used bath oils, white powders, and abrasives to clean their teeth.
Grass is a very tough and abrasive material, and herbivores like horses evolved very high-crowned teeth to cope with the wear.
The squid's tentacles are armed with suckers, each ringed with tiny teeth to help snare prey.
Mammals are warm-blooded, furry, have erect stance, give birth to live young and care for them, and replace their teeth only once.
Additionally, chomping on naturally abrasive foods massages gums and cleans between teeth.
Some layers were quite rich in small fish remains, like the interesting double-pronged sharks' teeth and the fin-spines of acanthodian fishes.
Polishing, using a rotating brush and abrasive paste, removes stains from teeth.
The temperature plummeted to below zero, enough to make one's teeth chatter!
In many people, the wisdom teeth are unable to erupt normally so they either remain below the jawline or don't grow in properly.
And it doesn't even matter that he has left his cloak in the wardrobe department or that his teeth are straight as tombstones.
Indeed, many countries do nothing with their bombed buildings, but leave them looking like rotten teeth in a nice smile.
Bridgework involves the preparation of supporting teeth known as abutments.
After baths, jammies, and brushing of teeth, we gather in the living room, the television turned off, the house quiet.
He kicked it absently as he made his way to the entrance, his arms folded over his torso, his teeth chattering from the biting cold.
Today I got up, used the toilet, had a wash, cleaned my teeth and ate my breakfast.
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