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I lay on the rooftop eating a sandwich hungrily and washing it down with a swig of whiskey.
From the pocket of his khaki jacket, he picked a small liquor bottle and took a swig.
He wipes the drool, takes a swig of beer and takes a quick run through the Internet to keep from falling asleep.
Wesley coughed and swallowed a long swig of his ale while Pearl tried to explain her complicated situation.
Marie pulled the cigarette out of her mouth and took a swig of her drink, until only half of it remained.
At 250 calories a swig, it was the perfect drink for ski troopers in off the mountains.
I started off straight away, after having a long swig of a bottle of Pils, thirsty after the drive.
Taking a big swig from her emergency bottle of glucose drink, she kicked the door down, and entered the studio.
I pulled the bottle out from under the cushion and took a swig of the liquor in it.
When Liz came back with a tray the old lady seized her cup and took a long swig of hot tea.
Time to pull myself together, swig a good deep draught of Andrew's Liver Salts, and get cracking.
And that means fans of the Shrimpers' Stout and Quayside beer have less than a month to swig their final mouthfuls of the favourite tipples.
He lit a cigarette and took a swig of the alcohol and grinned at me, a grin that was rapidly becoming a leer.
My acquaintance never ran out of metheglin, which was mixed when he harvested his honey, and he never failed to offer me a swig or two.
She drank almost half of it in one swig and then topped it up again and Mr. Hamilton didn't bat an eyelid.
Taking another swig of his beer, his eyes came to rest on a stumbling figure walking away from the warmth of the large fire.
Instead, I want to swig lush, long, refreshing mixed drinks that make me feel I am lolling about on a beach fanned by a cool sea breeze.
The Mother Superior then reappeared with a bottle of local spirit and we were all persuaded to have a swig before departing.
He took a sip of water and tossed a few tablets into his mouth before taking another swig from the bottle.
Take a swig from your hip flask of sloe gin, whisky or red wine and you'll be laughing.
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Instead, however, of jumping at the chance, he took a swig at a flask of cognac.
She's a rare wench, and would sooner see a rebel hanged, than bod her nose at a basin of swig and roasted apples.
I now went ashore at Charleston, and had my swig, as long as the money lasted.
Top models do this to help keep their skin clear, and even wild animals trek to the waterhole at dawn for a swig.
Maybe, like as not, a swig o' rum ud sweeten his bilge, sir.
While I was cooking supper the old man took a swig or two and got sort of warmed up, and went to ripping again.
Nearly 100 locals on Fiji's main island Viti Levu clapped as Charles took a swig.
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