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It is old, rickety, and decrepit, and miraculously survives the nine-day trip.
The earliest hives were hollowed out of tree trunks, and this practice still survives in some societies.
Cut loose, he has plummeted into a deep crevasse, where against all odds he lands on a fragile ledge and survives.
Alice Lenshina died in jail, but her church survives and she is regarded as a heroine by Zambian feminists.
He shows how Sanskrit influenced the writing system of Japanese, and that the Scythian language of ancient times survives today as Ossetic.
Joey survives the fall from the ocean liner and's able to stay afloat on a passing bale of pot until she's pulled to safety by Stranahan.
His style was good and the author's liveliness of spirit survives the rather rigid framework of his subjects.
It survives winter in the soil and attacks again, even if other crops are rotated between peanut plantings.
The publishers printed what was left, so readers remained unaware that the narrator survives the shipwreck.
Unfortunately, no trace of the Royal High School's curriculum for writing and bookkeeping at the precise time of Scott's pupilage survives.
While hardly approaching August's inspired revelation, I think it gives a good picture of how this situation survives.
The first substantial television version was made in 1960, and happily still survives, albeit only in a poor-quality telerecording.
Spiritism or spiritualism is the belief that the human personality survives death and can communicate with the living through a sensitive medium.
When a young airman miraculously survives bailing out of his aeroplane without a parachute, he falls in love with an American radio operator.
The Piano Concerto, composed in 1868, survives unceasing exposure only to emerge perennially and indestructibly fresh.
Against the odds he survives to become a car thief in Miami, all the while plotting his revenge.
Horrigan only survives being shot by Leary because he is wearing his bulletproof vest.
Williamson was notoriously secretive about his creation and no contemporary plan of the whole network survives.
It will be interesting to see whether the tradition of handing down family photos survives.
It is especially well suited for low meadows and pastures, and survives extended periods of standing or running water.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Amidst the sickliness and wane of things, neither poet nor saint survives his laurel for more than a day.
The music is lost, but the libretto survives, and that is enough to account for the collapse.
This Pietas Tewkesburiensis still survives, as flowers are annually laid upon the site of the grave.
This is now replaced as a common noun by the French word nephew, but it survives in the surname Neave.
But it survives simply because crucible steel is very much better than either Bessemer or open-hearth steel.
Any pole was a yard, and this vaguer use survives in sailyard, halyard, and in other sea-terms.
An interesting name survives in the little hamlet of Thingwall, situated almost in the centre of the wirral.
This mixed language still survives among some of the inferior races of men.
The Alpe, or bullfinch, mentioned in the above lines, also survives as a surname.
In the northern dialects the pronunciation as brig, seg, sing still survives.
In this way his letters became what they are, like coins put in the pyx, and mintage that survives the best of the goldsmiths.
The aged widow, now in her eighty-ninth year, still survives, occupying her home in this Colorado town.
Gradually the form went out as a type of folk music, and now survives mainly in its historical interest.
The stranger dies, while the Indian, sweating and gasping for breath, survives.
He also wrote a book On polygonal Numbers of which only a fragment survives.
But something of the Turk survives to this day in the character of the Bulgarian people.
Almost all, of which anything survives, are ruinous and uninhabitable.
This old family still survives in the person of a single heir to the excellent man whose death now afflicts so many warm friends.
The clinquant corslet of the Swiss girl just survives at bals costums.
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