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No universally accepted example survives above ground.

Cabell's tomb survives in the village of Buckfastleigh.

The building survives and today remains a private home.

Unfortunately, little ancient art survives from Oceania.

His Garter stall plate survives in Saint George's Chapel.

Unfortunately Slicht Othrusa only survives as a fragment.

It survives today with a vibrant and active civic community.

Clorinda survives in some later stories as an alias of Marian.

The first survives only as a single drawing and part of a model.

One original house survives from the time of the pool's enclosure.

The Great Model survives and is housed within the Cathedral itself.

The church survives today and remains very active in the community.

The aircraft survives and is displayed in the RAF Museum in London.

The full poem survives in the manuscript known as the Nowell Codex.

It was rebuilt at Thomas Brassey's cost, and survives to the present.

The name also survives in that of Vale of Glamorgan, a county borough.

Relatively little survives in the way of strictly contemporary sources.

The Tabernacle United Reformed Church at Llanvaches survives to this day.

Very little music survives from this time, most of it from ancient Greece.

A letter survives of Anselm responding to Lanfranc's criticism of the work.

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