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They mentioned the photo-stream limit, but did not mention that everything else is a subset of the photo-stream.
A subset of the participants agreed to fully explore alternative strategies for shotgun cloning and sequencing the MAC genome.
Suppose that instead of asking for a convex subset, you wanted an empty convex subset.
In fact, there's a subset of neocons who believe that given our unparalleled power, empire is our destiny and we might as well embrace it.
Precognition falls under the category of psychic phenomena, which is a subset of the paranormal.
A certain trendy subset of British foodies have discovered Southern food, and have gone gaga for it.
The oxirane functional group is a subset of organic cyclic ether compounds.
A subset of 12 fragments was selected from 105 noncoding DNA fragments from both intronic and intergenic regions on the X chromosome.
He noted that only a subset of bacteria tend to be dominant in dental plaque.
A small subset of fetuses with large lung lesions will become hydropic, deteriorate rapidly, and die in utero.
This was because the missed cases were not typical of the cohort as a whole but comprised a subset with a lower life expectancy.
This program produces a subset of hypothetical products based on the attribute levels provided by the researcher.
This will cause a certain subset of the population to begin hyperventilating and breathing into paper bags.
We carefully examined whether taking this subset introduced any systematic bias into our sample.
Obviously, in any phylogenetic analysis a subset of the characters will retain the ancestral state.
Within the trial, researchers looked at a subset of 138 patients with diabetes.
The council is a subset of Students' Council, made up of councillors who represent co-op students.
Also, random selection of CDs would only work on a subset of contiguous disks.
The foreshore and seabed being owned by a subset of New Zealanders instead of all New Zealanders is what the billboard is about.
It's an echo chamber for the common wisdom of the subset of people who use the site more than anything else.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The researcher says that Jocks might constitute a specialized and problematic subset of athletes.
A subset of the Sun Tzu example is the view that war is deception.
The multimillionaire hustler clearly figured that he could hornswoggle the geeks and that their worldview should be properly a subset of his own.
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