How to use subordinate clause in a sentence

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Sentence Examples
Can you have a pronoun in the main clause coming earlier than an antecedent in a subordinate clause?
A complex sentence consists of an independent clause and a subordinate clause.
But what we do in English is shift the subordinate clause verb into preterite inflection as if to respect the choice of tense in the main clause.
There are verbs taking a subject and two objects and a subordinate clause.
In this version the subject was placed after the verb either by nominating the object phrase first or by changing the sequence of main clause and subordinate clause.
When the question is expressed with a subordinate clause, however, it is an indirect question.
In clauses with auxiliary verbs they are the finite verbs and the main verb is treated as a subordinate clause.
Which start, like this sentence, with a relative pronoun, making the entire sentence a subordinate clause.
The focus is on X, or else on the subordinate clause or some element of it.
The subordinating conjunction that shows that the clause that follows is a subordinate clause, but it is often omitted.
Auxiliary verbs form main clauses, and the main verbs function as heads of a subordinate clause of the auxiliary verb.
In a subordinate clause, the auxiliary har is optional and often omitted, particularly in written Swedish.
Subordinating conjunctions make relations between clauses, making the clause in which they appear into a subordinate clause.
This is attached to the first verb of the subordinate clause.
Examples from Classical Literature
But these are not the only uses to which the subordinate clause may be put.
Do not place the important idea of a sentence in a subordinate clause or phrase.
A subordinate clause that modifies a substantive is called an adjective clause.
A subordinate clause that serves as an adverbial modifier is called an adverbial clause.
A subordinate conjunction connects a subordinate clause with the clause on which it depends.
Don't waste the main verb of the sentence on a minor action while expressing the principal action in a subordinate clause.
Here the Participle is often equivalent to a subordinate clause.
When the subordinate clause is used as a noun it is called a noun clause.
A subordinate clause that is used as a noun is called a noun clause.
A clause used as a part of speech is called a subordinate clause.
The subordinate clause in a sentence may also be used as a noun.
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