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Stain solutions and cleaning supplies are usually stashed under the kitchen sink.
It is a literary event that crowns his trilogy of epic books about America culminating in The Human Stain.
Actually, the stain wasn't even very noticeable while we were breaking it down on the dance floor.
The least cornified, young cells stain violet or blue, more mature cells mauve and the most cornified, old and dying cells stain red.
The hematoxylin and eosin stain is the most widely used histological stain.
In Ireland, Elizabeth's forces ultimately prevailed, but their tactics stain her record.
What raptus means is unclear, but the incident seems to have been resolved quickly and did not leave a stain on Chaucer's reputation.
To stain photoreceptors of the dorsal rim area, the cornea and crystalline cone layer of the DRA were removed using a microscalpel.
Elizabeth's vacillation and deliberately vague instructions gave her plausible deniability, to attempt to avoid the direct stain of Mary's blood.
Walnut hulls contain polyphenols that stain hands and can cause skin irritation.
The plastic was a nonporous surface, so the ink couldn't sink in and stain it.
This is reflected in runic inscriptions where the older read stain and the later stin.
A cell is normally transparent under a microscope, and using a stain increases the contrast of a cell with its background.
The Gram stain identifies the bacterial groups Firmicutes and Actinobacteria, both of which contain many significant human pathogens.
For those unaware of the history of the Dixie Cup With The Lipstick Stain, it had previously been lost, in spite of strenuous attempts to recover it.
The only thing you can do in finishing that can't be fixed fairly easily is to blotch the wood with a stain.
Jesus is the ultimate stain lifter. He removes the stain of our sin, and presto, chango!
Mrs Dudley came bouncing back, hand swinging, big stain on her right bap like she'd been shot or Da had got at her in an alleyway.
A detailed image of elastophagocytosis using Verhoeff van Gieson stain.
The calcein stain was retained over an annual cycle comprising multiple moults, demonstrating that pterocardiac ossicles retain chronological information.
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