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Personally, I'm hugely pessimistic about this, but I'm loath to spoil the mood.
If you're not ready to spoil your pet with lavish gifts and gourmet treats just yet, start small.
Serena refused to invite the atrabilious Mr. Morne, who could spoil a party just by opening his mouth.
However I can guarantee there are some absolute rippers this year, but I don't want to spoil the proper announcements.
While the establishment seemed to spoil the rich, she took the liberty to pamper the poor.
Extra security has been set up to ensure that no louts or hooligans will spoil the match for spectators.
I am of 1920s vintage and in those days it was spare the rod and spoil the child and children should be seen and not heard.
Put simply, inserting a senior female police officer into an investigation was shown to spoil neither investigation nor genre.
And, having reached a nice rounded and witty conclusion, I'm going to spoil it by waffling on and qualifying what I've said.
More than 70 tonnes of waste and spoil were taken from the site to achieve the levels required for wheelchair access to all parts of the garden.
I will not weary you, or spoil the book, by telling you what all these problems are.
When you have too many lemons or limes or oranges and some are going to spoil, slice some thinly and then freeze the slices.
Who would dare spoil the mood now by reviewing a CD as eminently listenable as this?
The businessman said he was prepared to let the wind farm be built on his land for nothing, provided it did not spoil his guests' views.
But the absence of the traditional enemy didn't spoil the fun for assortment of enthusiasts including gunslingers, gamblers, and their womenfolk.
The worst spots are not that frequent, but the edge enhancement and aliasing are bad enough by themselves to spoil things.
Traffic problems should not be allowed spoil what is always a truly great occasion.
The same thought had crossed Adam's mind, but he was determined not to spoil this trip by getting mad with the little scoundrel.
It was times like these when he wished he had had a sister growing up so he could spoil her rotten and always have someone to be close to.
How can people stop to admire our beautiful Lake District and then spoil it by leaving their litter?
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Examples from Classical Literature
I shall not go to church, though honest old Clara Petroffskovna may stare and cross herself in holy horror, and spoil the borsch.
After this Agis came to Delphi and offered as a sacrifice a tenth of the spoil.
Do not let us spoil a great opportunity because of our sensitiveness as authors.
But why rasp your nerves and spoil your digestion by so fuming over their politics?
Above the silk was an ivory mask, the spoil of a sarcophagus, which he had found in Seville.
They are semi-barbarous, and live on the produce of their herds and from the spoil of their brigandage.
That threatened to spoil the visit for Mary and even to disinter the hatchet!
A scoopful of the inky liquid could be flung so as to spoil the polish on boots, or sent its splashes over apparel still higher.
They must however be carefully watched, for they are soon done, and a few seconds over the proper time will scorch and spoil them.
The use of a ball clay is therefore limited in white wares because it will spoil the color.
Why should he spoil his life of egotistical pleasure by resisting that mad creature?
Your books show the spoil of Cartagena to amount to some ten million livres.
You would soon spoil him, and make him hard-mouthed, if you jerked the bit about in that fashion.
The spoil was equitably divided, provision being first made for the wounded.
Stoffel Brinkerhoff made great spoil of oysters and clams, coined and uncoined, and then set out on his return to the Manhattoes.
But they couldn't spoil the sunset, and Medinet was a colourful picture of the Orient, towering against the crimson west.
All she wants is to turn the place into a bear garden and spoil the whole election.
He did not want anything to occur to spoil the grandness of his proposed spread.
But try as I might, I could only devise something so commonplace that I let the clay spoil.
I thought if I did so, by throwing the rope over the organ, I might set it ganging, and that would spoil the job.
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