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A lot of our legendary begrudgery was spawned by the fact that material success was such a rare bird.
It was often between 105 and 110 degrees, and the copious sweat spawned yet more bacne.
This boy band saga series is the latest in an MTV cottage industry spawned by the net's first telepic of the same name.
When Chris Evans and Oasis hit their peaks in the summer of Britpop, 1996, they spawned a wealth of imitators and copyists.
Thus a potentially useful bargain spawned a serious crisis and test of strength and will between opposed alliance systems.
This, the original, was an enormous hit in its native Hong Kong and has already spawned a prequel, with a sequel on the way.
Huaqing applied this technique to radar data of five mesocyclones, three of which spawned tornadoes.
Yet somehow he forgot all the truths of his younger days and bought into the self-delusions spawned from his megalomania.
The birth of the wireless Internet has spawned mobile commerce, or m-commerce.
A great wave of innovation spawned by World War II-era military technology helped put thousands of police departments on the air.
The two are linked by Heinrich Heine, the German poet whose writing spawned them.
The late 60's and early 70's spawned an array of fistic talent in the heavyweight division.
The evil that was spawned from Cain became spirits, monsters, fiends, goblins and giants, forging the blood feud between mankind and monster.
The show has spawned a radio series in nine languages and a mass of literature, some in comic-strip form.
The impeachment was spawned by an accusation by his estranged drinking and gambling buddy.
The patriarch of stock car racing's No.1 family, Lee spawned Richard, who fathered Kyle, who fathered Adam.
It is not our principles that have spawned pandemic hatred of America in the Islamic world.
The problem is not the meddlesome mom but the compliant son her overprotection spawned.
Once the fish have spawned they will gradually work their way back to old haunts but if the summer stays red hot, they stick to the weirs.
The success of Angela's Ashes spawned a spate of memoirs-by-nobody-in-particular, most of which, frankly, stunk.
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A million kinds of life are spawned on the floor, fighting for the light that tree had hogged for itself.
Unlike the movie masterpiece which spawned one of the greatest misquotations in movie history.
It provides the hard substrate critical for the successful spawning of this species that is now lacking where sturgeon historically spawned.
A HOLIDAY-MAKER has told of his horror at discovering that six tiny bites he received on holiday in West Africa had each spawned a live maggot.
Walleyes and saugers spawned at the same time, but unlike saugers, walleyes spawned in a variety of habitats.
Individuals in groups of higher density spawned in groups, with no observations of large males monopolizing females.
I still contend that the 80s spawned many a nifty dance move, and that Astley's loose, bandy-legged, finger-clicking groove set the bar for white boys who couldn't dance.
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