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We wandered past many carriages waiting for the shiny new engine to shunt around to the front of the train.
Programmable shunts allow surgeons to adjust the settings on the shunt from outside the body, thereby decreasing the need for repeated surgeries.
At about 9am, five vehicles were involved in a shunt in thick fog on the A64 at Barton Hill.
How do you coordinate and shunt trains so they don't smash into each other while going in opposite directions on the same track?
Other cases have seen thieves shunt a vehicle and confront the owner after they leave their car to inspect the damage.
No one likes crashing and it was obviously a horrible feeling for the next few days after such a big shunt.
The surgical shunt will also be removed from her heart and a kink in the artery leading from her heart to her left lung will also be repaired.
To recover from the shunt on Saturday and go on to win the second event was very satisfying indeed.
We couldn't help reflecting that, in Stirling's time, such a shunt would have meant broken limbs at the very least.
One indication is a shunt or a short circuit of a medium between the common control element and the devices.
The shunt left the car with damaged suspension, bodywork and even broke the crankcase in the backwards impact.
Lead, not being a ferromagnetic material, cannot shield or shunt magnetic fields in this way.
Perfusion to the periventricular region actually may increase following shunt surgery.
For the lowest noise, you should try to select a PD with maximum shunt resistance and low capacitance.
At age 27 years, she had undergone an uncomplicated OLT, with shunt removal and intraoperative splenectomy.
This medical condition usually requires the surgical placement of a shunt system to divert cerebrospinal fluid to another part of the body.
Because the shunt path creates a short circuit, the varistor and the line fuse are subject to be damaged or weakened in the process.
Afterwards, though, what we needed was a traction engine to shunt us all out the door and take us home.
Heart size and pulmonart vascular prominence depend on the size of shunt.
You know, like Nixon tried to shunt responsibility for the break-in on to Liddy, Sturgis, et al.
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In fact, a voltmeter is an ammeter which has had its shunt removed or disconnected.
The galvanometer can be calibrated with this resistance, which is known as a shunt.
Its function is to shunt the lift out of the gas, and this it will do without watching.
Clear the fishing fleet and shunt the Florence to the rocks with the wind and current.
Well, we can shunt Mr. Hiltze off 273 a little, if you wish.
It would be cowardly to shunt this wretched task off on somebody else.
But it was not her habit to spare herself, or to shunt her duties.
Second-line treatment includes shunt surgery, which should only be considered in cases of first-line failure.
The shunt reactors controls the High voltage and prevents system from Breakdowns, Tripping and total failure, said a press release.
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