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The scales are shed individually, so crocodilians do not molt like snakes do.
Because of their hard exoskeleton, to increase in size they must molt or shed their exoskeleton and produce a new one.
This biasing factor is unique to organisms that molt or shed their skin during growth.
The clouds above formed a cloak of black, like a funeral shroud being shed over the battlefield.
There is side access to the rear garden, which includes a decked patio area, border shrubbery and a lawn as well as a small shed.
She could see his face, red with emotion, eyes moist with tears that waited to be shed.
Basal tears are shed continually in order to moisten and protect the surface of the eye.
Another boy worked with his grandma on a fish smoking shed, creating endless numbers of kippers out of modelling clay.
I got to the door, got the cursory glance up and down, and was admitted to the hedonistic multi-level entertainment palace that is the Shed.
The relationship seems to work wonders on him, too, as he begins to shed pounds, visit the gym and even break his long-standing habit of biting his nails.
The loss of 550 jobs in the down-at-heel Kent seaside town, reducing Hornby to a suite of administrative offices and an echoingly empty factory shed, was a bitter blow.
Also, hermit crabs commonly kept as pets molt and shed their exoskeleton.
As a long-time admirer of Shed Seven's music, I was invited to spend the day with the York band on the final date of their sell-out tour.
Now the Goods Shed restaurant buys much of their pickings, and features their home-made wild cherry and elderflower on its drinks list.
Was the upkeep of the Breakfast Shed fully maintained by the vendors or was it subsidised by my taxes?
Today The Shed, on the site of that notorious terracing, is a restaurant beneath a swish hotel.
Although classified as an oriental longhair cat, this breed has no undercoat and therefore less fur to shed.
In this exhibition, Shed Sutra, Andrew has made a suite of furniture from recycled materials that explore the role of tools in the creative process.
Shed promoter Simon Thackray presents these myriad delights in a season of nine concerts and artistic happenings at Brawby and Hovingham, near Malton.
The Shop In The Shed, based at Weston Hill Farm, organised the event in aid of Coeliac UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Nothing goes in or out of the Shed without passing close to a Geiger counter.
It started off swiftly across the field, swerving to the roadway that led to the highway out of bootstrap to the Shed.
They reached the mysterious objects being manufactured in a row around half the sidewall of the Shed.
It turned clumsily, and carefully circled the scaffolding, and moved toward a sidewall of the Shed.
It was one of those utterly ungainly creations that were built around one half of the sidewall of the Shed.
For an instant, in mid-air, Joe was incongruously aware of all the noises in the Shed.
When the all-clear signal sounded inside the Shed, nobody paid any attention.
The new findings are the most detailed evidence yet of an orographic effect on ancient Mars and could shed new light on the planet's early climate and atmosphere.
A few yards from the pi-pi was a large shed built of cocoanut boughs, where the process of preparing the 'poee-poee' was carried on, and all culinary operations attended to.
Tenders are invited for Repairing Of Electronic Pcb Cards Of 3 Phase Wap-7 Electric Locos Of Electric Loco Shed Howrah.
Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract For Under Floor Wheel Pit Lathe Machine For Three Years At Memu Shed, Asansol.
It was the morning after cut-out at Beenaway Shed, and we were glad.
Then, there's the real David Lattin, Harry Flournoy, Nevil Shed, Willie Cager and Willie Worsley.
Loading,Transporting And Unloading 2 Nos Boiler Abd Its Iron Structure And Boiler Shed Of 1 Pit Of Dobari Colly And Transporting At Bastacolla Colly Or Cws Chandmari Wkshp.
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