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During the second day at the camp, I decided to go tubing on the lake during the break.
We fought light rain on the second day, but by nightfall we had reached the coast and found the heliport.
She is there in the Omer, the sheaf of barley offered on the second day of the Passover.
Lehmann and Byas were already in harness when Yorkshire resumed the second day on 144 for three.
He carded eight birdies and an eagle in a 10-under par 61 before lightning forced the players to leave the course for the second day running.
On the second day of rain, Al took the tarpaulin separating the two sides of the boxcar and draped it over the front end of the truck.
During this second day, the pressurized plant grew faster than the unpressurized one in the light period, but during the night it grew slower.
On the second day of her sickness, she began to run a fever and fell into unconsciousness four times.
On the second day, we went to visit a couple of family friends and a relative who are in mourning.
In my second day of paintball ever, this thing just turned into a big ol' paint-blender.
On the second day the action again tailed off much beyond the turn of the tide.
Erik Zabel was outsprinted for the second day in a row but insisted he was content to retain his green jersey in his native Germany.
For the second day in a row, VRV Singh charged in and caught the splice on several occasions but groaned and cussed as catches went to ground.
The mass was biopsied under ultrasound guidance on the second day of admission with 10 passes with a 15 gauge biopsy gun and Sure-cut needle.
They'd found two old bicycles behind Ralph's house in fair condition on their second day in Polperro.
On the second day, a storm of biblical proportions unleashes hail, rain and floods that carry away valuable equipment on rivers of mud.
The second day of the Trophy match belonged to the bowlers as 13 wickets fell in all.
General merrymaking on the second day of Easter includes the rolling of Easter eggs, games to test one's strength, and swinging on swings.
It was only his second day of work, and the mage's stern, matriarchal demeanor somewhat startled him.
I contemplated asking the clerk to excuse James because it was only his second day of work experience, but thought better of it.
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Examples from Classical Literature
On the second day after the fiesta there was a small dining party at the presidio.
During the second day her burro gave a rasping bray, and a hee-haw answered from the bush.
This is the second day without observations, and we should have sighted hao Island yesterday morning.
At sundown of the second day he began to complain of the irksomeness of his bonds.
The second day brought us fairly through the mountains, out on the plains of Dutchess, permitting us to sup at fishkill.
A 'fair ball' is still given, but the custom of a stag-hunt on the second day has been dropped.
On the second day after the fight our men occupied Rubaga, the capital of Uganda.
We arrived at Mbabane on the evening of the second day, having made better than twenty miles a day.
The night of the second day saw us camped at the foot of the mountain that leads to the village of Mbabane.
On the morning of the second day, when Judge dooly came to the table, Mr. Pig was in his old position.
On the second day, the vessel was slowly sailing up the coast near Alagoas Bay.
This was the second day of the third Dionysiac festival, called the Anthesteria.
On the second day the yips began to wish they had not embarked on this adventure.
When my day boy left, I promoted a night boy to the second day job, and was cudgeling my brain for a good chap to go on nights.
By the way, working a crosscut saw isn't nearly so bad a job on the second day.
At the end of the second day after their trouble with the cosmic ray field, they stopped for observation.
On the second day after the arrival of the communique, Malloy made his decision.
Up betimes upon the morning of our second day on shore, for a drive to the balsa.
So the second day after my baby grand's arrival I went at it with a monkey-wrench.
On the second day out the speed was hit up to seventy-three revolutions and the run for the day was bulletined as 519 miles.
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