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Vidal and Hedges collected and analyzed the largest genetic data set ever assembled for the scaly reptiles known as squamates.
It causes large red or purple patches on your skin, with scaly skin on top of them.
Healed burns will be sensitive and have dry scaly skin, which may develop pigmental changes.
This lesion presents as an annular plaque with a slightly raised and often scaly, advancing border and is commonly known as ringworm.
If dry, scaly legs have you running for cover, kick up your moisturizing regimen with a three-tiered attack.
The borders represent the active edge of the lesion and may be raised or scaly.
We have heard from several readers that regular use of this spice seems to help control the itchy, scaly skin associated with psoriasis.
Dry skin and scratching may result in a dermatitis when the skin becomes red in addition to dry and scaly.
Cracked or scaly skin is unable to serve as an effective barrier against disease.
Some are red, scaly and itchy, whereas others can produce a fine scale similar to dry skin.
It appears as nodules or as red or pink scaly patches, typically on the rim of the ear, lips, mouth or face, that can develop into large masses.
Alternatively they may climb trees in search of tree ants, as do the pangolins or scaly anteaters of the genus Manis.
Visiting the sanctuary's Operations Centre, we learn about programs to protect other indigenous species, such as sea turtles and scaly anteaters.
Reptiles are cold blooded scaly creatures like snakes, lizards, crocodiles and turtles, who are all descendants of the primitive reptile.
It may be found on any part of the body as a scaly and crusted patch from a few millimeters to many centimeters in diameter.
Hansen's disease can mimic tinea corporis by presenting as one or more annular, sometimes scaly, plaques.
The fruit is shaped like but smaller than a pear, and has a shiny brown scaly skin.
Artistic images of snakelike forms capture the scaly, slithering, writhing shapes of snakes as they move over the ground or swim in water.
Terminal buds bear imbricate, scaly buds except in the bitternut hickory which has valvate or foliate buds.
In addition, they have four or five scaly leaves with lateral buds on their epicotyl.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The scaly hairs, or ramenta, which clothe every part of the plant, are also like those of Ferns.
The jaws, the uneven lobate disk of the preoperculum and the branchiostegous membrane are naked, the rest of them being scaly.
The pappus in this genus is very short, and it is scaly rather than feathery.
His tail was long and scaly and pointed, and his forelegs were large and warty.
Jim West thought things looked scaly, but he warn't agoin' to backslide arter he'd got so fur.
The fence lizard, a scaly alligator looking chap, is just as useful but never gets tame.
The stem is cylindrical or slightly tapering above, hollow or stuffed, floccose scaly and abruptly bulbous below.
It has the same nodose and scaly root-stock, dark and polished stalk, glaucescent frond and mucronulate pinnules.
This is a scaly disease affecting the head, and giving rise to the formation of the small troublesome particles known as scurf.
The bark of the trunk is thick, dark reddish brown, shallowly fissured between scaly ridges.
The pileus is thin, umbilicate or with the center darker, the surface hairy or scaly, and the margin at first incurved.
They split and coalesced into other creatures, and to the drummings of spheric harmonies resolved themselves scaly and monstrous.
The scaly hairless head beneath the centaurian's white globe device bore a face that was blankly hideous.
How is ichthyosis to be distinguished from eczema, psoriasis, and other scaly inflammatory diseases?
The stem is equal or slightly enlarged above, stuffed, luteous, minutely scaly.
If mica is a prominent element, the metamorphic rock is easily parted into overlapping, scaly layers.
Large tree with orange-yellow winter buds, and firm, not scaly, bark.
Their imports included monkeys, giant scaly anteaters, snake and lizard skins, tiger and leopard meat.
The skin is scaly or scabby, sometimes appearing like a large seed-wart.
The Armed-Fish has its name from its arms, and its scaly mail.
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