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How to use scab in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word scab? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
In fact every sheep, whatever its age, would be dipped in a plunge bath containing the correct solution of a ministry approved scab dip.
Some of the city's 3,000 Manchester poplars have been infected with the mysterious disease, commonly known as black scab.
Fusarium head scab is common in Ohio wheat fields when rain persists through the flowering period of the crop.
Insect pests still require spraying in most areas, but apples are mainly sprayed to prevent disease, primarily scab.
Someday these fungi may be applied as a seed coating to make plants better fit to resist scab as they approach maturity.
Since there is a potential mycotoxin threat with scab, growers should determine if scab is present in their fields.
Another issue is a particular variety's vulnerability to common diseases such as scab or fire blight.
Apple scab is a fungal disease that causes black splotches on leaves and fruit.
Most important in Ohio is resistance to powdery mildew, Stagonospora leaf blotch, and head scab.
The potential for disease is great because Gibberella zeae, the fungus that causes stalk rot in corn, also causes head scab in wheat.
At one point in time, Jackie considers becoming a scab and crashing through the picket lines.
Australia Post angered unionists by bringing in supervisors and their families to scab on the strike.
Except, every time I went outside for a cigarette, he would scab one and then not say a word to me.
In a childish moment I picked the scab from my football knee dark red blood flowed down my leg.
I asked a lot of questions about God that usually resulted in my being caned and given scab duty.
Did you ever do scab duty at school if you got in trouble, and did it scar you for life?
At school in the old days, we had scab duty, and you soon learnt not to mess up.
I would have terrible itching and scaling on my scalp that would usually bleed and scab over.
My two-year-old Shetland sheepdog has developed pink, raw areas on her nose that sometimes ooze and scab up.
Second, the left decided to scab and blackleg on the ethnic group, whose struggle is the oldest cause of the left in the region.
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Examples from Classical Literature
As has been said before, nobody likes to play the compulsorily generous role of scab.
In those days they used a scab from the arm of someone who had been vaccinated.
The feeling was like a scab Simon knew he should not pick but could not let alone.
An erysipelatous scab, or erysipelas, attended with considerable itching, sometimes troubles sheep.
In other cases the eschar is too apt to be unadherent, and this arises from the formation of pus or of a scab underneath.
However, it should be remembered that green manure makes a good home for the growth of scab germs.
It is not to be expected that the San Jos Scale can be exterminated any more than the tent caterpillar or apple scab can.
The outer surface is always smooth, and no indication of purulence, softening, or scab formation is ever exhibited.
The hair on the pustule stands erect, and is often shed with the scab which results.
Roderigo is called a quat by the same mode of speech, as a low fellow is now termed in lay language a scab.
As regards the scab, itch, and mange insects or mites, three perfectly distinct forms are known.
Youre going to learn, you unmilitary-looking, worm-eaten scab.
White Winter pearmain, is affected with scab and is no good.
A gipsy encampment to-day is little more than a moving slum, a scab of squalor on the fair face of the countryside.
A refusal of cooks and waiters to serve scab teamsters or teamsters' employers brought out the cooks and waiters.
When the scab was all off, the nose was found to be quite uninjured.
This scab is caused by a fungous growth on the surface of the potato.
Do you know, Guy, I think we shall have no scab in the fold this year.
Some are unhealthy, subject to the attacks of scab and rosette.
Stealing the bread out of working men's mouths, you white-livered scab!
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