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The president said on Monday that he would not like to predict the outcome of the trial.
As I said on Saturday, shift patterns, responsibilities, work duties and demarcations were frozen in time.
However, she was confident he would be found innocent, her spokesperson said on Thursday.
The opposition is pending before the trademark office's trial and appeal board, a spokeswoman said on Thursday.
The requirement was stipulated in his bail conditions, a top prosecutor said on Tuesday.
The other cases were still under investigation with several suspects being charged, a police spokesperson said on Thursday.
He said on Thursday that he had been deluged with messages from his constituents contradicting him.
The housing market is confounding expectations by growing steadily, the country's leading building society said on Tuesday.
John Waters of the Irish Times said on radio on Saturday that he would have fiddled tax back then if he could have got away with it.
I believe that I have said on this medium that communication between human beings is one of the world's biggest problems.
Police said on Sunday that the frosty road surface may have caused him to lose control of the car.
Russia's foreign ministry said on Friday the station would splash down away from major sea and air routes.
Mr Simpson said on both occasions that he was unable to fit the openings into his busy calendar of events.
The SA Weather Service said on Monday a light dusting of snow had fallen on Ficksburg in the Free State.
Industry sources said on Monday that both BHP and Rio had declared force majeure following severe flooding.
The service is on the poor side and as I said on the weekends it is packed with classless sleazes.
Venezuela has presented them a bill for 281 billion bolivars in back-taxes spanning three years, company officials said on Friday.
As I said on Monday, there's no possible justification for courthouse violence.
He recently tested the car and said on one occasion it understeered, during the other it oversteered.
Because I was taking notes and straining to hear what was being said on the tape, I didn't necessarily realise what was being said.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Without the psalms they are said on the feast of Saint Mark and on the three rogation days.
Finally, one word must be said on the subject of electrodynamic receivers, due to the same inventor.
This general sentence of excommunication is clearly the origin of the form of commination still said on Ash Wednesday.
Much might be said on the codices and books that have been left us by the historians.
It may be said on first thought that tillage is a practice contrary to nature.
Was anything said on the day, Thanksgiving Day 1962, to lead you to believe that he knew how to drive or operate an automobile?
I will not repeat what I have said on this subject in my last, a quadruplicate of which is enclosed, as is also a cypher.
In the matter of the moss rose there is a great deal to be said on both sides!
He need only wear the 113 headphone, and I seem to remember he said on leaving that he would keep it on most of the time.
Italian catering and retail group Autogrill said on Tuesday that it has renewed its inflight catering contract with Royal Jordanian Airlines.
The men were suspected of running the Mariposa botnet, named after the Spanish word for butterfly, Spain s Civil Guard said on Tuesday.
The Wilayat Tripoli group said on Twitter that its fighters had kidnapped 21 Copts in Tripoli, the World Bulletin reported.
The president has said on numerous occasions there shouldn't be and there won't be blank checks.
Sebastian Coe is stepping down from his ambassadorial role with Nike, the IAAF president said on Thursday.
It is said on the tablets that he consorted with the wild beasts.
Note the reiteration of this expression, and cf. what is said on bk.
Banker and lender, Deepak Parekh, said on Tuesday that unidentifiable shell companies are being used to pay bribes.
Michael Mullen said on Saturday that he did not come to Turkey to ask the country to do more in Afghanistan.
They did it to help themselves politically and financially,'' Buono said on election night, in a speech that centered on the terribleness of her own state party.
He's a very nice horse,'' Inda said on the phone Thursday morning.
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