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In Indonesia, you are very concerned about disparity between rich and poor regions.
The widening gap between rich and poor didn't matter because wealth trickled down.
We are men and women, rich and poor, black and white, and all colors of the human rainbow.
The world began to find the growing gap between the rich and poor unacceptable.
These stories are rife on the streets and provoke much fear, among the rich and poor equally.
They found government harsh and oppressive, complaining of the disparities between the rich and poor.
They come from all walks of life, all nations, rich and poor, educated and unlettered, religious and secular, respectable and underworld.
But perhaps the most common form of stokvel amongst both rich and poor were weekend parties for which entry sums were paid.
It was promoted as a way to relieve homeowners of high property taxes and equalize funding for schools in rich and poor communities.
I heard a discussion about Georgian wine glasses that morphed into the disclosure that Georgians, both rich and poor, were drunken sots.
Its report, in the spring, is likely to demand radical change in relations between the rich and poor world if abject poverty is to be vanquished.
My vision is to promote sports among the rich and poor to bring about togetherness for nation building.
It recognised that a policy that insists on equal terms for rich and poor is like pitting a bull mastiff against a chihuahua.
The obscene inequalities of wealth dividing rich and poor nations must be reduced.
And all the while people suffer, the abyss between rich and poor yawns, and exploitation continues as the bitterest fact of everyday life.
He believes that the growing disparity between the rich and poor of the world is a disaster that will lead to more terrorist outrages.
Another popular topic among the fellows was the disparity between the rich and poor in the United States.
The old racial barriers have gone, but there's still a large gap between rich and poor.
Their tax cuts for the wealthy widened a gulf between rich and poor in this country that had already grown shockingly large.
A report by a top level think-tank blows a hole in Government claims that the gap between rich and poor has narrowed.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The real effect of sortition was to equalize the chances of rich and poor without civil strife.
They are at once a bond between the different classes, a national treasure, which belongs alike to rich and poor, high and low.
There will always be rich and poor, as there will always be well-formed men and hunchbacks.
You mean that when Bolshevism rules there are to be rich and poor just the same as at present?
Then came a terrible disease called the Black Death, slaying young and old, rich and poor, until nearly half the people in the land were dead.
He was courted, and feted, and made much of by rich and poor alike.
The old and young, rich and poor, feeble and herculean, all played it.
It goes against the purpose of Haj' where male hajis wear unstitched cloth to ensure the rich and poor are the same before God.
It is the combination of modern humanitarianism with the horrible modern abyss between the souls of the rich and poor.
He saw how everyone, rich and poor, high and low, loved Bellerophon.
Right so came they to be known of all the world by reason of these holy austerities, and visited by rich and poor, and reverenced.
We should excommunicate rich and poor alike, and pretty freely too.
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