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The groove resembled the rifts between continental blocks that Wegener's theory of continental drift predicted far too closely for comfort.
Now it resembled a low fortress wall with blocks of stone evenly cut and dressed, and white lines to guide devotees on moonless nights.
Interior hallways run nearly the length of a city block, and could have resembled an endless, generic motel corridor.
Where water from fire hoses or water main leaks had come in contact with this substance, it created small pools that resembled slush.
It resembled a rectangular crown, a small tottering tower of points and bars rising from the camel's back.
Hominids had teeth that resembled those of pigs and bears, which can chew tough, fiber-rich food.
A light periodically shone through the cutout shape, casting a shadow onto the glass that resembled a tower.
The vocalised trumpet often resembled a shakuhachi or the gentle soughing of wind through trees.
Yuri was standing by a small, remote controlled platform on tank tracks which supported a probe that resembled Sputnik.
The UEAF Jackal fighters somewhat resembled Russian MiGs in that their wings angled forward instead of back.
I noticed he had shaved and cut his hair so he resembled that boyish man I thought I knew three years ago.
He grinned and waved an instrument at me that I soon realised closely resembled a shaver.
The bags contain box cutters, liquid believed to be bleach, and a clay substance that resembled plastic explosive.
For the next 10 minutes we drove through an area where the mini-malls resembled Mogadishu and the business blocks looked like Beirut.
Ian's boss resembled a manic pack rat, busying himself amongst the stack of paper that crowded the tiny cubicle.
It was log cabin style, as all of ours were, but the roof was shingled with crumbling slate, a pattern that resembled dragons scales.
Her shirtwaist and flowing skirt, easy to manufacture and appropriate to different classes, resembled a man's suit.
Next came the four trilled vowels, and unlike the wingless race he resembled, the ava mastered them with little effort.
It was a bipedal creature from what she could see but it resembled something close to a wild tiger in the upper torso.
And for weeks after the catastrophes, the sprawling mall and concourses inside Pittsburgh International Airport resembled a ghost town.
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As they approached it, the dull hue that lay upon it resembled that of the leaden sky.
He discovered that the little boy resembled him, and was overjoyed to see him in the dress of an artillerist playing with a sabre.
Her warble resembled that of the male, but was neither so strong nor so varied.
The form of it resembled the pudenda of a man and woman lovingly joined in one.
The former resembled the Argand lamp in some respects and the latter was a three-flame burner suggesting a fleur-de-lis.
They spoke an agglutinative language, and resembled the Chinese very much both in physical type and in character.
On the contrary, as Amarna sat well in the shadow, her face still hidden behind her veil, she greatly resembled a huge black blot.
It resembled the amoeba which had attacked us, except that the newcomer was red.
This androgyne, in many respects, resembled the mujerados of the Pueblo Indians, and probably served a like purpose in his tribe.
It was simultaneous on the part of all, and resembled that of automata, moved by machinery.
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